• Air date: 16 May '24 7 episodes
      The mystery surrounding the enigmatic void on the west pasture of the Abbott family ranch deepens in Season Two, as Royal and his wife Cecelia struggle to keep their family together in the aftermath of their granddaughter’s sudden disappearance. The stakes have never been higher for the Abbotts, who now face threats on multiple fronts.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • In the aftermath of the bison stampede, the Abbott family is more fractured than ever. Royal and Cecilia confront some difficult truths as they fight to keep their family together.
    • 2. Traces to Somewhere

      16 May '24
      Perry seeks help from an unexpected family member. The Tillersons promise revenge against the Abbotts, while Royal contends with a new threat to the West Pasture.
    • 3. Everybody Hurts

      16 May '24
      Royal and Cecelia become desperate in their attempt to save their ranch. The Tillerson’s are dealt with a startling turn of events.
    • 4. Ode to Joy

      16 May '24
      Lost in time with no way home, Sheriff Joy must navigate a new life among her Shoshone ancestors.
    • 5. All The World’s A Stage

      16 May '24
      Royal rediscovers an unlikely ally; Cecilia grapples with the possibility of Autumn’s identity as Autumn becomes increasingly unhinged.
    • 6. Do-Si-Do

      16 May '24
      Autumn’s erratic behavior reaches a fever pitch. Royal and Cecilia take matters into their own hands.
    • 7. The End of Innocence

      16 May '24
      Time is a motherf**ker.