Mysteries at the Museum : Season 14

    • Air date: 05 Jan '17 15 episodes
  • List of Episodes (15)

    1. Swamp People, Walkie-Talkie Heist and Grant's Writing Water

    • Don Wildman examines an enigmatic canoe that unlocked the origins of a lost civilization, a miracle drug used by a Civil War hero in his last battle, and a bust involved in a supernatural game of chess.

    2. Cupid's Bullet, the Man Who Fooled Houdini and Snail Telegraph

    3. The First Super Computer, Flying Under Fire and Dighton Rock

    4. King Neptune, Friday Night Bank Robber and Karluk's Last Voyage

    5. Jap Herron, Hidden Rockwell and Ticket to Fly

    6. Operation Mincemeat, Texas Prison Rodeo and Tully Monster

    7. Reckless, Thousand Island Dressing and the Tornado

    8. Evel Spirit, Dawn of the Diaper and Cliff Palace

    9. Fake Breaking News, Rescue Napoleon and Ernest Bravery

    10. Pony Express, Churchill's Misadventure and First Ambulance Corps

    11. Riding Thunder, Warm Springs and Catcher Spy

    12. Godspeed John Glenn, Canine Convict[39] and Brace for Landing

    13. "Legally Haunted, Demise of the Dodo and Jersey Kaboom

    66. Operation Mincemeat, Texas Prison Rodeo and Tully Monster

    • Don Wildman examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures.

    99. Indestructible Jack, Volcano Rescue and Butter Sculptor

    • Don Wildman tells the story of a brave soldier who was willing to sacrifice it all, investigates a daring rescue from the depths of hell and uncovers how one crafty woman launched a deliciously unique artistic career.