Mysteries at the Museum : Season 13

    • Air date: 02 Feb '17 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Clever Hans, Bertha Benz and Civil War Counterfeiter

    2. Terra Cotta Warriors, the Queen of Parachuting and Polish Soldier Bear

    3. Mutually Assured Missteps, First Train Robbery and Declaration Discovered

    4. Indestructible Jack, Volcano Rescue and Butter Sculptor

    5. The Goliath Bone, Money to Burn and Self-Serve Superstore

    6. Zip-Lining to Freedom, Maid Turned Spy and Jimmy Carter's UFO

    7. Smokey's on Fire, Hot Hunk Lands in Small Town and Napoleon's Sick Day

    8. Demon Potato, Boozy Ballot[44] and Ouija Believe It

    9. Wallenda Walks, Crazy Taxi and Rest in Peat

    10. Making Michigan, Log Jammin'[47] and the Race That Changed the World

    11. Saving the Eiffel Tower, Velvet Outlaw and Space Capsule Crisis

    12. Hughes Hoax, Rat Bomb and Friday Night Liars

    13. The Girl Who Fell to Earth, the Real Ghostbusters and Eclipsed by Columbus