• Air date: 09 Nov '23 5 episodes
      A trail of inexplicable murders, connected by a strange ritual, which throw Milan into panic. Three boys who cross their destinies in that multi-ethnic kasbah that is Piazza Selinunte. Two killers who, to make ends meet, go to Reggio Calabria in search of a murderer who cannot be found. And at the center of it all is Carlo Monterossi, on the run from Crazy Love and in search of justice.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Rotten Wrong

      09 Nov '23
      A rich entrepreneur with an irreproachable life is shot dead outside his house with two gunshots. On his body, as a signature, a stone. For the police it's a tough nut to crack, for Crazy Love it's excellent news. Ghezzi and Carella begin their investigations, Monterossi his; while Nadir, a young proletarian looking for revenge, ends up getting into trouble.
    • 2. Rotten Wrong - Part II

      09 Nov '23
      Another death, another stone. Ghezzi and Carella are ousted from the investigations and must find a way not to throw in the towel. Meanwhile, two killers accept a job from an unlikely client and Monterossi makes a strange discovery. At odds with his parents, Nadir must ask his friend Francesco for hospitality.
    • 3. Rotten Wrong - Part III

      09 Nov '23
      There are three dead. Monterossi's discovery is a thin thread that takes you back in time, to a remote and dark past, into which Ghezzi and Carella begin to dig. Having landed in Reggio Calabria, the two killers try to orient themselves while Nadir plays at being a gangster and ends up in handcuffs.
    • 4. Rotten Wrong - Part IV

      09 Nov '23
      Is Nadir the stone killer? Ghezzi and Carella find the right trail, a trail that, without knowing it, the two killers are also following. Meanwhile, Monterossi approaches the widow of the third dead man, a refined and cultured woman who fascinates and disturbs him.
    • 5. Rotten Wrong - Part V

      09 Nov '23
      Ghezzi and Carella arrest the stone killer, Nadir returns home, as do Socio and Biondo. The case is closed but where is the justice? Monterossi would also like to know, now that he has the fate of another person in his hands...