• Air date: 17 Jan '22 6 episodes
      One night Carlo Monterossi, a famous but unhappy television writer, finds a man pointing a gun at him through his door. His investigation into who wanted to kill him begins. He will meet two highly trained killers, a "dead man" coming to take back a treasure, and a woman who has lived several lives. Series based on Robecchi's books.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. This is not a Love Song - Part I

      17 Jan '22
      A delivery man rings at the door of famed television writer Carlo Monterossi armed with a gun. He has already killed two people and Carlo was supposed to be the third in line. Together with his friends Nadia and Oscar, Carlo begins to investigate by putting himself on the tracks of two hit men and a pair of Roma.
    • 2. This is not a Love Song - Part II

      17 Jan '22
      The mysterious killer has been found dead, but the police are not the only ones looking for Sergio De Magistris. To find out the truth, Carlo has no choice but to talk to De Magistris' ex girlfriend Marzia, a girl who is scared and risking big.
    • 3. This is not a Love Song - Part III

      17 Jan '22
      After convincing Marzia to tell her story on TV, Carlo and his friends start looking for Sergio De Magistris. Little do they know that a showdown is about to take place in the very villa where De Magistris is hiding along with his attorney.
    • 4. Rage and Wind - Part I

      17 Jan '22
      The owner of a car dealership for the rich and famous is murdered, and at his funeral Carlo meets escort Anna Galinda. This is the last time anybody sees her alive. The police waste no time in making a connection between the two crimes and calling Monterossi in for questioning. But who was Anna in reality? And did she really know something about a hidden treasure?
    • 5. Rage and Wind - Part II

      17 Jan '22
      The investigation by Police points toward Enrico Domini, a man who, years before, had been the prime suspect of a kidnapping case. Meanwhile, Carlo and his friends, in cahoots with Sargeant Ghezzi, find Anna's real home, along with other important clues.
    • 6. Rage and Wind - Part III

      17 Jan '22
      The police uncover Anna's true identity and lay the blame on the perfect scapegoat. They might just be able to close the case. However, as Carlo and Detective Ghezzi know well, the truth isn't always as simple and now it is about to finally emerge.