• Air date: 02 Jan '21 8 episodes
      A team of professionals headed by expert mechanic Jesse James specialize in transform cars. The clock is ticking as they attempt to turn ordinary vehicles into 'monster machines' in just a week.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Pulsating Power

      02 Jan '21
      Sure, people have strapped rockets to cars before, but no one has attempted to propel a 1965 Jaguar with a 12-foot pulse jet. What's a pulse jet? You have to see it to believe it. They only have five days to build and can spend no more than $5,500 on parts.
    • 2. Shuckin' Dragster

      02 Jan '21
      Jesse attempts to transform a 1994 Case International farm combine into a drag racing machine. They only have five days to pull off this daring project.
    • 3. The Sailboat Sleeper

      02 Jan '21
      Jesse and the gang plan to transform a slow sailboat into a secret speed demon. Can they build a racer to shock yacht club yuppies?
    • 4. Fire-Breathing Corvette

      02 Jan '21
      Jesse James and team are building a corvette that is powered by fire.
    • 5. Jesse James' Shiner

      02 Jan '21
      Jesse and the team want to transform a 1947 Ford Coupe into a speakeasy on wheels. They plan to add a fully functional whiskey distillery.
    • 6. Chev's Got Shingles

      02 Jan '21
      The crew try to transform a Chevrolet pickup truck into a mobile shingle mill. Can they attach two gigantic circular saws and create a wood-cutting monster?
    • 7. Back to the DeLorean

      02 Jan '21
      Jesse James takes another shot at one of the builds from the original series that has been haunting him: The Hovercraft DeLorean – and it will either be a complete failure or one of the garage’s most insane redemption stories.
    • 8. A Rampage at 200mph

      02 Jan '21
      The crew try to take an extinct Dodge Rampage and transform it into a 200mph car. Jesse calls in the best of his team to work on this ambition build.