• Air date: 19 Dec '05 9 episodes
      A team of professionals headed by expert mechanic Jesse James specialize in transform cars. The clock is ticking as they attempt to turn ordinary vehicles into 'monster machines' in just a week.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Georgia High School Dragster

      19 Dec '05
      Jesse leaves the monster garage and travels to Robert Groves High School Career Academy. Jesse and the students take the frame and body of a junior dragster and turn it into a dialed-in, super-sleek racing machine.
    • 2. The Noodler

      20 Mar '06
      Jesse and his all-Italian-American team of builders try to make a Ferrari make pasta from scratch.
    • 3. Mini-Truck

      27 Mar '06
      Jesse and his "little" team build a mini truck.
    • 4. Monster on Ice

      03 Apr '06
      Jesse and team of maverick mechanics transform a 1977 Chevy ice-cream delivery truck into a truck that can take icy corners at 100 mph and also still serve ice cream.
    • 5. Battery-Powered Dragster

      10 Apr '06
      Jesse and team of electric vehicle experts try to turn a 1962 Bel Air into an battery powered car that can do 100 mph in a quarter mile.
    • 6. '51 Cool Caddy Daddy

      17 Apr '06
      Jesse and his team rebuild a 1951 Cadillac. They wanted to drop, chop and section the car as well as install new front end and drivetrain.
    • 7. On The Road - Baja Trophy Truck I

      05 Jun '06
      Jesse takes a team of the top 10 off road builders to help make a trophy truck capable of running the Baja 1000.
    • 8. On The Road - Baja Trophy Truck II

      05 Jun '06
      As Jesse competes in the Baja 1000, he must drive for 24 straight hours with hopes of making it out alive.
    • 9. Ultimate Old School Wagon

      12 Jun '06
      Jesse and his all star team from the previous four years, turn an old station wagon into a Monster magnificence. They come back for one final build in the Monster Garage for the series finale!