• Air date: 22 Apr '94 6 episodes
      Comedy about a Pinner solictor who falls for a woman half his age.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Nice Work If You Can Get It

      22 Apr '94
      Zoe wants to go back to work, but Alec doesn't want her to do that. Vera is burning through secretaries even though she is overworked. Simone is volunteered to help and causes chaos. A young Scotswoman comes by the office and wins Vera over.
    • 2. Take Good Care of My Baby

      29 Apr '94
      Alec and Zoe are looking for a nanny for Fleur. Rosie is still getting used to 'Big City' ways, but working farm hours. Dot has an admirer.
    • 3. Son of My Father

      06 May '94
      Vera takes the plunge and gives the new secretary a helping hand with her disastrous love life. Meanwhile, Jamie has a crisis of conscience and begins to think about giving up the practice of law.
    • 4. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

      13 May '94
      Dot leaves Zoe and Debbie's father and ends up staying with Zoe and Alec. Simone has an accident that has potential lawsuit ideas in her mind. Dot starts driving Zoe crazy by taking over the household. Debbie has been dealing with their father. Jaimie handles Simone's case. Zoe asks Alec to speak with her father. Meanwhile, Vera tries to protect Rosie from an unscrupulous modeling school.
    • 5. Let the Heartaches Begin

      20 May '94
      Alec hires an au pair when he thinks Zoe is overdoing things. This causes bad reactions from everyone but Alec.
    • 6. Until It's Time for You to Go

      27 May '94
      Vera starts to grumble that she's not receiving enough attention, and she isn't the only one feeling left out. Alec is also having a crisis of confidence, sure that Zoe intends to abandon him for a younger, fitter man.