• List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Splish Splash

      10 Mar '93
      Zoe wants a water birth for her baby, but Alec sees this as an unconvention method of delievery. Alec get a chance to emulate his hero, Perry Mason.
    • 2. Baby Love

      17 Mar '93
      Alec's nurturing side comes out after the birth of their baby, but Zoe thinks it's too much.
    • 3. School Days

      24 Mar '93
      Alec and Zoe develop conflicting views on how best to raise baby Fleur.
    • 4. Who Can I Turn to?

      31 Mar '93
      Jamie tries to update the office equipment. Debbie has to decide between life with Trevor or Roy's marriage proposal.
    • 5. Let There Be Love

      07 Apr '93
      Alec tries to get a new and prestigious client for the firm. Zoe is rundown caring for baby Fleur. Hilary goes sweepstakes-mad. Alec saves the day with a sweet and sneaky plan!
    • 6. The Best Is Yet to Come

      14 Apr '93
      Alec and Zoe try to decide on a godmother. Alec sees a doctor for insurance purposes.Hilary thinks she is pregnant! Debbie tries her hand at pottery. Zoe enlists Jamie, Vera, and Hilary in a scheme to protect Alec. The solution to the godmother problem is fun, but not as surprising as the news Jamie drops!