• Air date: 30 Jul '20 27 episodes
      Masha is an energetic three-year-old who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures.
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    • 1. Something Yummy

      30 Jul '20
      Everyone has their own favorite food. Our friends are ready to enjoy something delicious in the new episode. Can a treat be tasty and healthy at the same time?
    • 2. Big Hike

      30 Jul '20
      When we crave for adventures and new experiences, we take sleeping bags and a tent and go camping. We will admire amazing landscapes, climb a mountain and even look at real volcanoes! Sounds inspiring?
    • 3. What's Inside?

      27 Aug '20
      What is inside such seemingly simple objects surrounding us? How are the mechanisms that we use every day arranged? Maybe they work with the help of magic? Or maybe each system has a certain order?
    • 4. The First Swallow

      24 Sep '20
      Do you know what ornithology is? This is a science that studies birds! And it is also Dasha's new hobby. She comes to visit Masha and the Bear and discovers a new unique bird species! What is this amazing unusual bird?
    • 5. Honey Day

      22 Oct '20
      Beekeeping is not easy. Especially when you have Masha for an assistant! However, you should not be afraid of bees, because with the right approach and knowledge of the matter, even the most seemingly dangerous insects become friends!
    • 6. Mushroom Rain

      10 Dec '20
      Autumn forest is so wonderful. You can pick mushrooms, listen to birds singing ... But what if there are absolutely no mushrooms at all? Masha finds an original solution to this problem. Which one? Watch the episode and find out!
    • 7. Tour de Forest

      28 Jan '21
      Himalayan Bear is once again competing with Bear! This time they have arranged a bike race, but something doesn't smell right: Himalayan Bear intends on cheating to win! Good thing Masha stands as a guardian of justice and always comes to a friend's aid!
    • 8. Finders Keepers

      04 Mar '21
      What a great find in the forest! Masha has come across a real live hat! Is it worth saying how delighted the little mischievous girl is from all the wonders that are happening around her?
    • 9. Berry Naughty

      01 Apr '21
      Oh, what a ripe, sweet, and beautifully-smelling raspberry! Masha has gone picking berries, but Bear had strictly forbidden it. Now she'll do anything to avoid admitting that she disobeyed him.
    • 10. Mind your manners

      22 Apr '21
      Yay, it's Bear's birthday! Well, it might be a "hooray" for someone and may not be for someone else: the only thing Bear himself dreams of is that the day will be a relaxing one. But can his wish come true, when one of the guests is a restless Masha?
    • 11. Treasure Island

      20 May '21
      When you're with your best friends, adventure is right around the corner! This time Masha and her faithful companions go on an amazing journey for pirate treasures. What awaits the brave travelers on the road ahead?
    • 12. Masha Knows Best

      17 Jun '21
      Masha is sure that she is the best nanny in the world because all children simply adore her! Could this actually be true?
    • 13. Who's the Boss?

      15 Jul '21
      Bear needs to step away for a while, leaving Masha, Panda, and Penguin alone at home. It seems to be a simple situation - something all adults can understand. But which of the children will be in charge?
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      04 Nov '21
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      12 Dec '21
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      01 Jan '22
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      24 Feb '22
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