• Air date: 01 Jul '83 52 episodes
      Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel is a magical girl anime series by Studio Pierrot which aired from 1983 to 1984 on Nippon Television. It went on to have five OVA adaptions and featured in other Studio Pierrot special presentations. A three volume manga was released during the original TV run, with the story written by Kazunori Itō and art by Yuuko Kitagawa. This was the first of five magical girl anime to be produced by Studio Pierrot, and the first of these to feature the designs of Akemi Takada. In 2005, the web-poll for TV Asahi's top-100 anime of all time saw Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel poll 82nd. The series is currently streaming in North America via Yomiuri Group's planned Anime Sols video service, as of spring 2013. Thus far, a limited DVD release of the first thirteen episodes has been successfully crowd-funded at Anime Sols, with the second set of episodes currently in crowd-fund mode.
  • List of Episodes (52)
    • 1. The Ship of Feather Star

      01 Jul '83
      The story begins with our heroine Yuu Morisawa watching the Feather Star descend for a landing oblivious to the hefty workload at the crepe shop that her parents Natsume and Tetsuo are desperately trying to resolve on their own; a clumsy stumble into her childhood friends Toshio Ootomo and Midori Kisaragi later, the panicked Yuu votes with her feet using Tetsuo's scooter into a frenzied pursuit sequence whose zenith is four police cars and a helicopter along with Toshio on a bike. Oblivious to
    • 2. A Star is Born

      08 Jul '83
      Undaunted by the spanking received from Natsume last night, Yuu steals out of the house early in the morning in order to test her powers as Creamy Mami; while Yuu admires herself as Creamy Mami, Nega and Posi get into a divergent concourse over who is to blame for Yuu successfully sneaking away when Mami decides to drop in for a visit to see if Tetsuo and Natsume can recognize her before flirting with Toshio as she leaves. Meanwhile, Shingo Tachibana is dismayed to have it explained that Megumi
    • 3. Debut! Debut!!

      15 Jul '83
      Toshio's efforts to temper Midori's expectations of spending time with Yuu obfuscate the fact that Yuu herself is grappling with the disadvantages of being Creamy Mami -- the greatest of which is the narcissistic and fanatical Shingo Tachibana hell-bent on making Mami a star with his company as he orders his staff to find her. The panic Yuu is driven into at the sight of Toshio explaining Shingo his recent encounters with Creamy Mami while Midori tries to steal lustful glances at her illustrates
    • 4. Scramble top ten

      22 Jul '83
      The hysterical frenzy over Creamy Mami's debut song evenly divided between people buying the album and converging on the upcoming concert obfuscates that the magical idol is actually Yuu Morisawa effecting the mirage of being infirm -- although she almost blows it at the mention of her favorite dish. Yuu finds that the successful concert at Parthenon Productions as Creamy Mami does her no good against Natsume's zeal to impart her maternal perspective on her subterfuge or the impromptu test for
    • 5. In danger!? Mami's secret

      29 Jul '83
      While watching Hayato Kidokoro tie himself in knots answering the telephones, Shingo revels in the prospect of Parthenon Productions flourishing and thriving when Nega admonishes against keeping Natsume and Tetsuo waiting for too long at home prior to reminding her about the reporters; it is the search for a place to cancel her henshin before beginning the home commute that Megumi obtains enough vicarious data to conclude that Yuu Morisawa and Creamy Mami are one and the same prior to taking
    • 6. The legendary stag

      05 Aug '83
      While Hayato and Shingo compare notes with Megumi about whether Creamy Mami will be punctual for an advertisement filming in a wilderness area reputed to have a black stag that has been visiting unto the locals bad luck, Yuu daydreams about being on a date with Toshio cured of his Creamy Mami addiction but causes a misunderstanding on the train when she speculates out loud Toshio and Midori's hidden motives for the outing; during the bus ride from the train station, Nega and Posi compare notes
    • 7. A bouquet for the big boss!

      12 Aug '83
      Parthenon Productions receiving a heartfelt letter from a boy named Kenji facing a surgery that could prove just as deadly as the disease it is meant to treat tugs on Hayato's heartstrings while Shingo sees it as a professional opportunity as he charges Hayato a schedule change for Creamy Mami. The convoy of news vans provides Kenji the perfect excuse to go investigate the hullabaloo with his derisive neighbors; while Yuu tries to give her swim coach the slip after Midori intercedes for her, the
    • 8. Nagisa no Miracle Duet

      19 Aug '83
      Although she should be happy about its effect on the family micro-economy, the diurnal heat and a mob of impatient customers drives Natsume batty as she tries to entreat Tetsuo to take the family on a seashore vacation citing the effect it is having on Yuu who daydreams about swimming in the ocean before Nega snaps her back to reality as he and Posi prosecute an analytical concourse over the logistics and consequences of Yuu taking a vacation from her double life as Creamy Mami -- an incidence
    • 9. The midsummer fairy

      26 Aug '83
      Creamy Crepes and Parthenon Productions behaving the proverb »Great minds think alike« on a beautiful day sets the stage for Toshio and Shingo's social missteps to get them in hot water with Yuu and Megumi. While Shingo is able to gulp down a lot of humble pie for not watching his words to Megumi, seeing past Toshio's immature human fallibility is the last thing on Yuu's mind especially when Toshio derails her concentration when jumping across a river. Be it to teach Yuu a lesson in
    • 10. Hello, Catherine

      02 Sep '83
      A stampede of zealous fans eager to greet Megumi who is to perform a concert on the oceanliner being maneuvered into the port in preparation for docking means bad news for both Posi and Nega as the two cats are lost in the lurch during the hullabaloo; while Nega divides his energies between nursing his headache and getting his bearings as he computes his next move, a girl named Catherine successfully makes her escape from the ship much to her nanny's frustration. After explaining her prologue
    • 11. Papa's a middle-aged rider

      09 Sep '83
      A typical morning of Natsume boot-strapping her family for another day becomes the forum for an adversarial divergent concourse that drives Tetsuo to storm out of the house along with having it explained that Yuu has a significant prologue of seeing her parents do this; Tetsuo is not merely cooling his heels as he thinks things over prior to reconciling with Natsume -- not during the calendar week in which it becomes apparent that the workload is too great for Natsume alone. Upon discovering
    • 12. The studio has total power failure!

      16 Sep '83
      The approach of a Category II typhoon becomes the forum of an anxious Natsume forcing the reluctant Tetsuo into an impromptu honey-do list of emergency home repairs while Yuu teases him at school commute inception; while Yuu divides her energies between the school commute and splashing through the puddles along the way, Shingo and Hayato are discussing the commercial that afternoon involving Creamy Mami when Hayato goes into a story of how there are ghosts in the studio where Megumi demonstrates
    • 13. The Mami within the mirror

      23 Sep '83
      While out and about at the amusement park one afternoon, Toshio races ahead to secure the optimum perspective of the upcoming Creamy Mami concert while Yuu leads Midori through a roller coaster ride in which he faints; while taking responsibility for Midori is relatively simple and straightforward, finding a private location to conduct the henshin into Creamy Mami proves to be a challenge for Yuu -- especially when a secluded location is a house of mirrors that causes the henshin to summon a
    • 14. My Mr. Dream

      30 Sep '83
      Yuu recounting a conversation with her father Tetsuo about the stars in the sky and the fable associated with the decennial Dream Comet gives way to a news broadcast about the Dream Comet as Yuu finishes making a crepe for Midori that sets the stage for Yuu to prosecute a divergent concourse regarding the existence of Mr. Dream with Toshio who plans to observe the Comet that night with Midori. Later that evening while staring up at the sky, Yuu explains her childhood prologue with Toshio whose
    • 15. The rainbow-coloured angel

      07 Oct '83
      The nocturnal quiescence of Creamy Gaoka is shattered when an alien known as Peeno crash-lands on Earth to begin his Woofnick genocide mission -- an arduous task that can only be accomplished on a full stomach. For Posi and Nega, Natsume does not understand or care that the two cats cannot have eaten the five jars of specially-made jam by themselves as she gives chase in spite of Yuu's attempted intercession; fortunately, Grandpa Yoshino is far slower in jumping to conclusions as he shares some
    • 16. The memory that vanished into the sea

      14 Oct '83
      Even though he has royal responsibilities that take precedence over it by far, the prince Ayumi exerts a great effort to reconnect with his childhood friend Toshio who is practicing his soccer skills with Midori when Yuu arrives wanting to join in; Yuu is not as practiced in soccer as Toshio and loses control of the ball. Toshio's ball now in hand, Yuu encountering Ayumi sets the stage for a sequence of reminiscing before the sentries force the kids into a hasty retreat. Now at the wrecked ship,
    • 17. The forest where time sleeps

      21 Oct '83
      Posi and Nega scolding a frustrated Yuu for procrastinating on an art assignment she was charged sets the stage to have explained her a forest fabled to enable anybody to draw with a great deal of skill; desperate to avoid the turbulence for not doing her homework but also curious, Yuu decides to set course for the forest where Midori explains Miya Nakahara who prosecuted a prolific year-long art career a decade ago at only 13 years old before disappearing. Upon having it explained that Miya
    • 18. The adventure of Zashikiwarashi

      28 Oct '83
      While evading the wrath of the frustrated production staff for interloping onto the production set and leaving a trail of destruction as she is being chased around, Zashikiwarashi searches around for another playmate before settling upon Yuu who is having a blast. While the mythology associated with Zashikiwarashi expounds upon her bringing happiness to the homes she visits, such is a long way off when Zashikiwarashi shows up the adults who then give chase after her although Zashikiwarashi
    • 19. Mami's longest day

      04 Nov '83
      Shingo Tachibana completing his work commute excited about the debut of Creamy Mami's new song quickly gives way to neurotic despair upon having it explained that the star of the show is stranded at Atarajima with Hayato. Shingo is naturally none too pleased at the news; a caustic castigation later, Hayato finds himself led through a multi-modal tour de France across Japan that starts with a flight to Osaka and a ride on the Shinkansen that ends up at a dead end in Mishima right when Megumi
    • 20. The dangerous gift!

      11 Nov '83
      The task of sorting fan mail becomes anything but a pedestrian routine for Hayato Kidokiro when he discovers a ring in a letter meant for Creamy Mami that decides upon him as a suitable beta alternative; while Hayato divides his energies between his work and removing the ring, the Tongari crown prince is led through a visit to Yuu's school where Yuu is filmed presenting flowers to his father the King oblivious that Tetsuo and Natsume would have liked to witness that event live. Toshio's zeal for
    • 21. The party of the cute romance

      18 Nov '83
      While Creamy Mami does her thing in the studio, Megumi wonders when the next vacation will be when Shingo's father signals an interest in returning to Japan to celebrate Shingo's birthday and address his poor marriage prospects. Megumi inquires the nature of the phone call in an attempt to help Shingo define the imbroglio he faces before leaving a »Stop being so obtuse!!!« slap across the chops as a parting gift. While Megumi computes how to wield Toshio in her counterstrike subterfuge against
    • 22. Midori-kun & Pukkupukuu

      25 Nov '83
      A chaotic circus results when the musical knave PuppuKupuu decides to practice his flute playing one night; aside from insulting the »Silence is golden« nocturnal ambiance, PuppuKupuu's flute playing has the side effect of causing all electrical and electronic devices in the vicinity to malfunction to terrifying and perplexing effect. Toshio is at a loss for why Midori has decided to help PuppuKupuu find his way home as he rushes onto the scene showing no interest in listening to no for an
    • 23. The starry parasol

      02 Dec '83
      While Creamy Mami's career continues to thrive and flourish, Shingo soon finds that there is a price to be paid for taking Megumi for granted when Snake Joe explains Megumi the interest in her LP Productions has taken; after observing the concourse, Yuu sets course for home where Midori explains her the idea behind hikinuki and the damage it causes alongside Toshio who adds that the whole thing is up to Megumi. Firmly resolved to extinguish Snake Joe's subterfuge, Yuu approaches Shingo with her
    • 24. Bear bear audition

      09 Dec '83
      Creamy Mami has it explained that she is to audition alongside Megumi for the movie »Northern Animal Family« whose central plot is the relationship the protagonist has with a bear; if successful in acquiring the protagonist role, the actress's career is sure to flourish. The audition the next morning illustrates that Creamy Mami is excellent for the part since most of the other actresses panic near animals; while Mami does her thing at the auditions, Posi and Nega find that Maru the Bear is
    • 25. Disturbance! The night of the popular song festival

      16 Dec '83
      A particularly busy afternoon with a bunch of impatient customers becomes the forum for demonstrating the impact of Yuu's double life as Creamy Mami visits unto Tetsuo and Natsume as they frantically endeavor to flawlessly coordinate and fulfill every permutation of crepes barked at them; while Toshio and Midori compute the exhortation of helping Yuu's parents part-time, Yuu has just finished her commute to Parthenon Productions in time for an impromptu concert as Creamy Mami that becomes the