• Air date: 17 Aug '18 6 episodes
      Created by Justin Willman. With Justin Willman, Jillian Sipkins, Erika Anderson, Marcia Arvidsson. Justin Willman preforms magic tricks on the street.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Self Control

      17 Aug '18
      Justin explores the concepts of marshmallow self-control and why it's best just to go with the flow. Plus -- free fro-yo!
    • 2. Express Yourself

      17 Aug '18
      School uniforms. Latte art. LEGO sculptures. Justin tackles the surprisingly magical ways people choose to express themselves.
    • 3. Terrifying Tech

      17 Aug '18
      It's man vs. machine as Justin squares off against a robot in a magic battle. Other topics include delivery drones, face yoga and virtual reality.
    • 4. Seeing Is Believing

      17 Aug '18
      Justin attempts to convince people that invisibility, brain-enhancing medicines and superpowers are all real. (Spoiler alert: They're not!)
    • 5. Guilt Trip

      17 Aug '18
      Oh, the guilt! Justin talks to moms about lying for a living. Later, he conducts an eyewitness experiment and amazes detention-stricken students.
    • 6. Love

      17 Aug '18
      In this episode dedicated to romance, Justin helps a single guy get a date and delivers a surprise proposal to a woman who married herself.