• Air date: 03 Jul '10 14 episodes
      Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations.
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    • 1. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Daddy's Girl

      03 Jul '10
      A female housing unit inmates call a party house will turn a new inmates life upside down.
    • 2. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Chain Reaction

      10 Jul '10
      Located on the top floor of Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail Facility, are the highest-security male housing units. These inmates have either committed violent acts in the jail or have been identified as gang members. And like all inmates at Maricopa, some are awaiting trial while others have been convicted and are appealing their verdicts or sentences. They are isolated in very stark cells 23 hours a day and get one hour of rec time in an empty concrete room with a skylight located right
    • 3. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Heat Wave

      17 Jul '10
      Behind the bars of Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, run by controversial figure in the immigration battle.
    • 4. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - High Stakes

      24 Jul '10
      In one of Maricopa's primary men's facilities, the Fourth Avenue Jail, when inmates are not in their small, two-person cells, they can work out in an indoor rec room, or in the common area between their cells. But every afternoon, many of the inmates shift focus from their bodies to their bank accounts. Since inmates are not allowed access to cash, they have another way to pay gambling debts. The losers must purchase snacks or other items from the jail canteen for the winners. They pay for
    • 5. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Identity Crisis

      31 Jul '10
      No matter the circumstances that brought them there, Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona, will have a profound effect on who the inmates will become. And for some, their time in jail will reveal their true nature.
    • 6. Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Trials and Tribulations

      07 Aug '10
      A world where tensions run high especially for a mother and son who were accused of a heinous murder.
    • 7. Raw: Doomed Decisions

      06 Nov '10
      Producers take the time to get to know dozens of inmates, following the action and watching the story unfold in from of their eyes.
    • 8. Raw: Harsh Reality

      13 Nov '10
      Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex leader of a gang faces a whole new reality he discovers the price for coming clean.
    • 9. Raw: Consequences

      20 Nov '10
      No escaping the consequences of one's actions behind bars.
    • 10. Raw: The Three R's

      27 Nov '10
      Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex-leader of a white supremacist gang faces a whole new reality, and discovers the price for coming clean.
    • 11. Raw: It's Complicated

      04 Dec '10
      Relationships on the inside can be more complicated than on the outside.
    • 12. Raw: Nothing But Time

      11 Dec '10
      In prison time can be an inmates worst enemy.
    • 13. Raw: Ain't No Hotel

      18 Dec '10
      America's Toughest Jail where we find stories that ranged from the unexpected to horrifying.
    • 14. Raw: A Private Hell

      25 Dec '10
      For some prison might be hell and it can be even worse for the sex offenders.