Little Things : Season 3

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      Air date: 09 Nov '19 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. Migration

    • A research stint takes Dhruv to Bangalore. As Kavya helps him settle in, unease over their upcoming months apart affects their remaining hours together.

    2. Today of all days

    • Dhruv quickly takes to his new surroundings and makes instant friends. In Mumbai, Kavya struggles with loneliness at home and vulnerability at work.

    3. Rectangles

    • Dhruv and Kavya grow accustomed to their individual lives. As Dhruv’s fellowship ends, an awkward conversation stirs unease about his return to Mumbai.

    4. Senior Citizens

    • While visiting her hometown in Nagpur, Kavya’s interactions with her aging parents and childhood friends spark both concern and nostalgia.

    5. Vertical Housing

    • Dhruv visits Delhi to help his mother pack up his childhood home, but pressure to marry and family tensions have him feeling frustrated and detached.

    6. Jet Lag

    • The couple are finally reunited, but life seems out of sync as Dhruv compares Mumbai to Bangalore and feels replaced by Kavya’s new friendships.

    7. The Sum of our Past

    • Flashbacks illuminate each of Dhruv's and Kavya’s early encounters with relationships and marriage. In the present day, a wedding ring triggers tension.

    8. Migration II

    • Dhruv envies a friend’s accomplishment. As sad news compels Kavya to consider transferring to Nagpur, the couple reflect on their evolving relationship.