Little Things : Season 2

    • Air date: 05 Oct '18 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. Milk Cake

    • When an old friend comes to visit from Delhi, Dhruv is struck by how much has changed between them since their childhood.

    2. Back Seat

    • After Kavya gets a big work promotion and Dhruv makes a difficult professional decision, they attend the housewarming party of a well-to-do couple.

    3. Cheeti Aur Haathi

    • Kavya gets busier at work while managing a big project. Feeling restless at home, Dhruv struggles to find ways to bring in some income.

    4. Mumbai Darshan

    • When Kavya’s mother comes to visit, Dhruv takes her out for the afternoon and learns more about the person behind the parent.

    5. Leicester City F.C.

    • When Kavya hits it off with another man on a work trip, she begins questioning whether her relationship with Dhruv is good enough for the long haul.

    6. Bed & Breakfast

    • With Kavya feeling under the weather, weekend plans are canceled in favor of a day at home, where she and Dhruv chill, chat and occasionally quarrel.

    7. Baalti Aur Magga

    • While attending a friend’s wedding, a moment of intimacy between Kavya and Dhruv devolves into a full-blown argument about where they stand.

    8. Where Are We?

    • Following their fight, Kavya and Dhruv return home from the wedding, stopping at a familiar place for a heart-to-heart talk.