Land of the Lost : Season 2

    • Air date: 06 Sep '75 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Tar Pit

    • When Dopey gets stuck in a tar pit, the Marshalls and Cha-Ka band together to try to pull him out.

    2. The Zarn

    • While investigating the Mist Marsh, the guys stumble onto a mysterious woman who has a bit too much in common with Rick.

    3. Fair Trade

    • When Rick stumbles into a pig trap with three Sleestak, Will and Holly turn to Enik and Ta for help rescuing him.

    4. One of Our Pylons is Missing

    • When a mysterious energy hole appears in the ground and swallows Cha-Ka, Holly attempts a rescue.

    5. The Test

    • Cha-Ka gets some help from Will and Holly stealing one of Big Alice's eggs to pass the Pakuni rite of manhood test.

    6. Gravity Storm

    • The Zarn is to blame when gravity begins weighing down the inhabitants of the Land of the Lost.

    7. The Longest Day

    • When the sun stands still, the Sleestak wrongfully blame Rick for tampering with the pylon.

    8. The Pylon Express

    • Holly tries to save Rick and Will after they go into a pylon to investigate a time door.

    9. A Nice Day

    • A quiet day of fishing, trap building and cake making turns serious when Holly is pricked by a poisonous plant.

    10. Baby Sitter

    • When Holly spends the night alone with Cha-Ka, the Zarn causes a rift between Cha-Ka and Ta.

    11. The Musician

    • While searching the temple in the Lost City, Holly gets a ring stuck on her finger and Cha-Ka unwittingly awakens the Builder.

    12. Split Personality

    • Following an earthquake, a specter that resembles Holly materializes and pleads for help.

    13. Blackout

    • Enik seeks Rick's help when the Sleestak execute a nefarious plan to plunge the world into darkness and overpopulate it with their offspring.