Land of the Lost : Season 1

    • Air date: 07 Sep '74 17 episodes
  • List of Episodes (17)

    1. Cha-Ka

    • Will and Holly save a Pakuni ape-boy named Cha-Ka from Grumpy the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    2. The Sleestak God

    • While searching the Lost City, Will and Holly are captured by lizard-men which are known as Sleestak.

    3. Dopey

    • A troublesome baby brontosaurus follows Will and Holly home.

    4. Downstream

    • The Marshalls attempt to escape the Land of the Lost by river and wind up trapped in a cave with a daffy Confederate miner.

    5. Tag-Team

    • While fleeing from the jaws of dinosaurs, the Marshalls and the Pakuni are forced to work together.

    6. The Stranger

    • The Marshalls meet Enik, an intelligent, time-traveling relative of the Sleestak.

    7. Album

    • Will and Holly are lured to the Lost City by a hypnotic stone which shows them a vision of their dead mother.

    8. Skylons

    • When Will and Holly find a way into a pylon, they discover a device which summons a terrible storm.

    9. The Hole

    • Rick joins forces with an intelligent Sleestak when they end up rooming together with the hungry Sleestak God in the Hole of No Return.

    10. The Paku Who Came to Dinner

    • Cha-Ka is invited to dine with the Marshalls. Meanwhile, Holly's perfume drives the locals wild!

    11. The Search

    • When Rick is shocked by magical crystals, Holly is forced to bring him home while Will goes to Enik for help.

    12. The Possession

    • Cha-Ka and Holly become hypnotized by a baton-like object from a mysterious pylon.

    13. Follow That Dinosaur

    • The Marshalls find half a diary from a former human resident of the Land of the Lost that might hold the key to returning to the real world.

    14. Stone Soup

    • The Marshalls have to barter with the Pakuni to reverse a drought.

    15. Elsewhen

    • A mysterious woman named Rani steps through a time door and gives Holly advice on dealing with her fears and helping her family.

    16. Hurricane

    • While fooling with a pylon, Will opens a time door that brings an astronaut and a hurricane to the Land of the Lost.

    17. Circle

    • The Marshalls learn that their arrival in the Land of the Lost created a paradox in the door of time that's preventing Enik from returning home.