Kid vs. Kat : Season 2

    • Air date: 11 Sep '10 26 episodes
  • List of Episodes (26)

    1. Something About Fiona / Tickled Pink

    • Something About Fiona: Coop falls for Old Lady Munson’s niece Fiona, and Kat does everything he can to make Coop look bad. Tickled Pink: When Millie tickles Mr. Kat's 'tickle spot' he goes into a blissful state that renders him useless as an alien agent and when Kat's empire find out about him they send a robot to destroy Millie.

    2. Flea Brains / Menace the Dennis

    • Flea Brains: Kat's swarm of flea-sized mind control robots hop into the ears of the people of Bootsville and soon they all want to destroy Coop. Menace the Dennis: With Coop out of town, Kat wants to turn water into milk and Dennis comes to the rescue.

    3. Cheeks of Evil / Reap it and Weep

    • Cheeks of Evil: Millie brings home the class hamster, unaware that Mr. Kat hates hamsters. Reap it and Weep: When Kat uses his growth ray to bury Bootsville in a catnip jungle, Coop is blamed by the irate Bootsville Gardening Club.

    4. Blasteroid Blues / Rat-a-Phooey

    • Blasteroid Blues: Coop tries to stop the destruction of Massive Mart. Rat-a-Phooey: Kat's Rat-ray gun turns Dad into a rat, and Coop hopes he can change him back... If he can catch him first!

    5. Trash Talking / Over the Radar

    • Trash Talking: Millie tosses Kat's spacious scratching post lair, and Kat tries to get it back. Over the Radar: Coop, Millie, and Dad are taken away to a top secret base to be interrogated, after a UFO investigator suspects they are aliens.

    6. Nuff Said / Rhymes With Coop

    • Nuff Said: Coop decides to let Kat have free rein to cause whatever destruction he wants. Rhymes With Coop: Due to an ‘over-loading’ problem on the Kat Nebula, Kat plots to turn Bootsville Beach into a giant litter box.

    7. Bringin' the Heat / The Three Aarghs

    • Bringin' the Heat: Kat’s devious magnifier satellite is causing a dangerous heat wave in Bootsville. The Three Aarghs: Coop and Dennis compete with one another to reduce their carbon footprints.

    8. Kat to the Future Part One / Kat to the Future Part Two

    • Kat to the Future Part 1: Coop uses Kat’s time machine to go back to the past and stop Millie from bringing Kat home, but ends up altering the future for the worse. Kat to the Future Part 2: Coop tries to undo the Kat invasion, which he brought about by fooling with Kat’s time machine. How will Coop undo the Kat invasion, and get back to the present before it's too late?

    9. Down the Drain / 9 to 5 to Oblivion

    • Down the Drain: Coop becomes Dennis’ wing-man for a change, as they go in search of the ‘sewer-croc-baby’. 9 to 5 to Oblivion: Coop breaks every window in Dennis’ house, and is forced to work off his debt by working in Henry’s store.

    10. When Bad Dogs Go Big / The Bottyguard

    • When Bad Dogs Go Big: Growler swallows a Kat device which makes him grow to the size of a T-Rex. The Bottyguard: Kat’s malfunctioning spybot thinks Coop is its new master, and wants to protect him from Kat.

    11. Rebel with a Claw / Swap Wrecked

    • Rebel with a Claw: The Kat Kommander’s rebellious son runs away to Earth, where he becomes a handful for Kat, and a danger to the human race. Swap Wrecked: Dad accidentally swaps an assortment of Kat’s weapons to the unwitting residents of Bootsville.

    12. Hit the Road / Never Cry Sheep

    • Hit the Road: Kat is left at a kennel while the Burtonburgers go on vacation. Never Cry Sheep: Kat becomes obsessed with making the biggest yarn ball ever made, and starts rustling sheep to gather their wool.

    13. Kickin' Butler / You Kat See Me

    • Kickin Butler: Dennis is accidentally knocked into a portal around the world. You Kat See Me: Kat makes himself invisible and causes trouble for Coop on the night he invites Fiona to dinner and when Dad invites Coop's teacher over for dinner.

    14. Board Kat / Treasure of Sierra Munson

    • Board Kat: Coop and Kat fight over the animal's new lightning box generator and end up swapping brains. The Treasure of Sierra Munson: Coop discovers buried treasure under Old Lady Munson's house. Note: YTV aired this episode as a mistake as it was originally supposed to air on March 5, 2011.

    15. Keep on Rockin' / It's in the Bag

    • Keep on Rockin: Coop's grandparents visit, so Dad buys them rocking chairs. However, it turns out they are adventure junkies who accept that Kat is an alien. It's in the Bag: Coop searches for the last available bag of the feline's favourite food after the factory that makes it closes down so he can taunt Kat.

    16. King of the Pipsqueaks/Down the Creek

    • King of the Pipsqueaks: Old Lady Munson's garden gnomes come to life and mistake Coop as their leader. Down the Creek: Old Lady Munson tells Millie creative stories about her adventures in the past.

    17. Turn the Other Cheeks / Birthday Bashed

    • Turn the Other Cheeks: The evil alien hamster Mr. Cheeks comes back to get revenge on his nemesis, Kat. Birthday Bashed: Dad organized a surprise birthday party for Coop, and Fiona comes to his birthday, but Phoebe will do anything to get rid of Fiona. Meanwhile, Kat is trying to enjoy a virtual picnic with his girlfriend, but the kids and Coop keep crashing Coop's birthday.

    18. Mind Games / Strange Kat on a Train

    • Mind Games: Dad orders Coop to spend more quality time with his little sister; Kat builds a telepathy helmet. Strange Kat on a Train: Coop goes on a train to buy something from a man named Old Herman, Unfortunately it turns out to be the evil alien hamster, Mr. Cheeks!

    19. Fangs for the Memories / Drive-In Me Crazy

    • Fangs for the Memories: Kat’s memory eraser leads to Coop forgetting Kat is an evil alien, but Dad accidentally gets Coop’s lost memories and suddenly knows the terrible truth. Drive-In Me Crazy: Kat builds a device that brings an assortment of movie monsters to life.

    20. Hair Brains / Hot Dog Day

    • Hair Brains: Kat coughs up a trio of living hairballs, and he orders them to attack Coop Hot Dog Day: It’s Hot Dog Day, and Coop has the honor of being named Keeper of the Weiner Water. But Kat wants to ruin the most special day of the year.

    21. Amazing Feet of Strength / Me Coop, You Kat

    • Amazing Feet of Strength: Kat soups up Coop’s new soccer shoes to allow the wearer to run faster and jump higher, and Coop wears the shoes in the championship game. Me Coop, You Kat: Kat turns Coop into a cave man, hoping his lowered I.Q. will make him easier to outsmart.

    22. You Scream, I Scream / Good Luck Harm

    • You Scream, I Scream: Coop takes on the teen aged bully who pedals the Curly Swirl Ice Cream cart, and forgets to pay attention to Kat’s latest evil plans. Good Luck Harm: Kat makes himself a high-powered good luck charm, which means bad luck for Coop.

    23. Bootsville's Most Wanted / Kat of Diamonds

    • Bootsville's Most Wanted: Buck Diamond, Animal Protection Officer declares Coop `Bootsville's Most Wanted.' Kat of Diamonds: Coop and Fiona have to settle their argument before they can work together to stop Kat in his evil tracks.

    24. Coop D'Etat / The Incredible Shrinking Coop

    • Coop D'Etat: Kat and Old Lady Munson show up at school to torment Coop; Kat wants to steal the satellite from Bootsville's Museum, but Coop must stop Kat from stealing the satellite. The Incredible Shrinking Coop: Kat shrinks Coop and Dennis down to size and tries to squash them like bugs, which makes it hard for Coop to do something big for Dad for Father's Day.

    25. Who's Haunting Who? / It's All in Your Head

    • Who's Haunting Who?: Kat thinks the haunted LeBoot Mansion will be the perfect place for an inter-space teleporter. It's All in Your Head: Kat controls the mind of Agent Napolitan, but his plan goes down when some squirrels attack him.