• Season 2 streaming now!
      Air date: 08 Feb '19 6 episodes
      In this season Madhur continues the hunt for his wife’s murderers and his missing son. Will he be able find the answers and unlock the mystery?
      Khoj season 2 has 6 episodes. It is a drama, mystery web-series starring Shashank, Rajesh Edara, Pavani Gangireddy and Chandra Vempaty. It is created by Kajri Babbar. Season 2 for Khoj aired on 08 Feb '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Who Am I?

      08 Feb '19
      Madhur Anand is on the run to search for Punar, his kidnapped son, and discover the reason behind Vaishnavi’s death. The police officer teams up with a special squad and gets Vamshi for interrogation. Meanwhile, Hijra, who has Punar in her custody, reveals her past with Vaishnavi.
    • While trying to decode the dramatic change of events, Madhur Anand gets new leads. The police officer struggles hard to find the multiple perspectives weaved into the case. Meanwhile, Vamshi is threatened by the police to reveal his relationship with Vaishnavi.
    • The police officer narrowly escapes death but gets new clues. Madhur Anand gets the money from Sheik Bhai to find the whereabouts of Ravi Yadav but gets pushed into an impossible situation. Meanwhile, Ravi Yadav tries to get the doctor to change Vaishnavi’s post mortem report.
    • Madhur Anand takes the help of the gang to find Punar and the reason for Vaishnavi’s death. The police officer interrogates Abhishek, an accomplice of Aarif, and the doctor for Vasihnavi’s false post mortem report. Meanwhile, Raghav Chandra’s true identity and ideologies are revealed.
    • Raghav Chandra meets Surya and gives him a recorder to execute his plan. Abhishek reveals Aarif’s location to the police officer. Saira comes home disturbed about Vaishnavi’s condition and her unfortunate death is revealed. Meanwhile, Madhur Anand finally gets to know the reason for Vamshi’s action and manages to get hold of Ravi Yadav.
    • Madhur Anand encounters Ravi Yadav and understands the bigger picture behind Vaishnavi’s death. The police officer personally interrogates Aarif and understands the motive behind all the happenings. Meanwhile, Raghav Chandra’s conflict with Vaishnavi, along with the various ways he used to destroy her life, are revealed.