Khoj : Season 1

    • Air date: 08 Jan '19 6 episodes
      Khoj is thriller drama revolves around Madhur Anand, a renowned chef, whose wife Vaishnavi goes missing. The investigating officer, who himself is recovering from the recent death of his wife, suspects Madhur to be the perpetrator
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. The End

    • After his wife Vaishnavi goes missing, renowned chef Madhur Anand files a missing a complaint. The police start investigation and try to find clues from her last whereabout and activities.

    2. Lost Love

    • The investigation officer misses his deceased wife and visits the place she loved and visited often. Meanwhile, a new member joins Raj’s gang that is involved in kidnapping. Madhur Anand visits the company whom his wife paid Rs 25 lakh through cheque.

    3. Project Taskar

    • Madhur Anand reaches a dead end and is pursued by the peon who offers to help him further. The police continue their investigation but their search only leads to more confusion. Meanwhile, as a worried Madhur gets negligent about Punar, Raj’s gang kidnaps him.

    4. The Missing Piece

    • After finding out that his wife’s dead and losing his son, Madhur vows to rescue his son at all cost. He borrows money from Vamshi to pay the ransom. However, Punar manages to escape the kidnappers. Meanwhile, the police officer struggles to resolve the case.

    5. Deception Point

    • The police officers find out new information from the CCTV cameras. Meanwhile, Madhur reaches the spot where the ransom has to be handed over. But this time, he himself gets kidnapped.

    6. The Beginning

    • While Madhur is locked in a dark shabby place, the police issue a search warrant for him and are shocked when they find Vaishnavi’s dead body inside Madhur’s house.