• Air date: 14 Mar '15 17 episodes
      In the new season bonds are tested as the family navigates changing relationships, now that Kris and Bruce have finalized their divorce. The family confronts the challenges of adjusting to their new structure head-on, hoping to forge even stronger connections as they move forward together.
  • List of Episodes (17)
    • 1. The New Normal

      15 Mar '15
      The family struggles to adjust to life after Bruce and Kris's divorce.
    • 2. Somewhere Over the Cuckoo's Nest

      22 Mar '15
      Kris begins dating someone after twenty-five years with Bruce; Khloé ends up in hot water over an Instagram post, and Kim receives a lesson in manners when she tries to recruit Kourtney for her video game.
    • 3. The Carfather

      29 Mar '15
      When Scott has a flood of suspicious activity and vague business dealings, the family decides to pull back the curtain on Scott's man-of-mystery persona; Kris is concerned she's made a mistake by putting Kourtney in charge of her living will.
    • 4. No Retreat

      05 Apr '15
      Kim tries to find a temporary home for her, North and Kanye. Khloé defends Kendall and Kylie after a fight with Selena Gomez.
    • 5. On the Road

      12 Apr '15
      Kim attempts to prove that her skills go beyond the world of beauty and fashion as she makes a speech at a conference.
    • 6. Don't Panic!

      19 Apr '15
      Scott up to it wasted and belligerent at Kris's birthday; Kim uses to spy tactics to solve a theft problem at Dash New York.
    • 7. Special Delivery

      26 Apr '15
      Even though things are changing for the Kardashian family, they are determined to remember that family always comes first.
    • 8. Buggy Boo

      03 May '15
      The birth of a third child sends Scott spiraling, and Khloé gets Bruce to help bring Scott back down to earth; Kylie's wish of owning a home comes true faster than she ever thought.
    • 9. Lip Service

      10 May '15
      The media starts poking into Kylie's beauty secrets and she realizes she must address her new look; Scott is afraid he made a mistake when he hires Kourtney as an interior designer.
    • 10. About Bruce (Part One)

      17 May '15
      The two-part special will reveal intimate conversations that Bruce had with his famous family, in which they discussed his transition. The specials will also explore each family member's struggle to process his or her own feelings as they all work through hearing from Bruce directly about finally living life as the person he has always known himself to be. The two-part special also includes family home video footage that will remind viewers and the family of the special times they spent with
    • 11. About Bruce (Part Two)

      18 May '15
      Bruce and the family continue to talk about feelings about Bruce's decision to live openly as the woman.
    • 12. Moons Over Montana

      24 May '15
      Kim attempts to keep traditions alive by planning a family ski trip to Montana, but this year's vacation will have different vibe; On the slopes, Khloé tries to bond with Kylie.
    • 13. In The Blink Of An Eye...

      31 May '15
      The siblings come home from Montana to wish their dad well as Bruce prepares to transition; Kris travels with Kendall to Paris; Kim seeks one last hope of getting pregnant.
    • 14. Armenia Trip

      20 Sep '15
      Khloé and Kim go on a trip to Armenia to learn more about their ancestors. Kourtney wants to discover why Kylie is acting distant.
    • 15. It Feels Good To Be Home

      27 Sep '15
      Kanye plays a surprise public concert to say thank you to Armenia; Kim arranges have North baptized in Israel's oldest Armenian Church; back in LA, everyone responds differently to having Caitlyn in their lives, with Kris taking it the hardest.
    • 16. Vanity Unfair

      04 Oct '15
      Kim works to smooth things over after Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover story comes out and causes hurtful feelings among some family members; and Khloé considers how much emotional support she can afford to give Lamar.
    • 17. The Last Straw

      11 Oct '15
      In this season finale, Kourtney attempts to keep it together as Scott's behavior spins out of control; Khloé decides to meet face to face with Caitlyn to try to salvage their relationship; Kris finally gives Corey boyfriend status.