Kaboul Kitchen : Season 2

    • Air date: 13 Jan '14 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. Plague and Cholera

    • After three months, Jacky finally 'escapes' his kidnappers, but is shocked to find a crumbling shell where Kabul Kitchen used to be and a landlord chasing unpaid rent. Can he make it a hotspot again?

    2. My Name Is Robert, Jacky Robert

    • If Jacky's contract with the CIA seems too good to be true, that's because it is, which becomes clear when he's given his first assignment. Meanwhile, Sophie secures funding for a new sports stadium.

    3. The Third Gulf War

    • Sophie meets Amanullah's daughter Lala and admires her tenacity so much they decide to organise a female football team to help fund the stadium. CIA agent Harvey Stein is still giving Jacky headaches.

    4. The Gangster of Kabul

    • Stein arranges for a team of pole dancers to work at Kabul Kitchen as part of a plan to trap a corrupt UN official, landing Jacky in trouble with local brothel owners. Meanwhile, Sophie goes missing.

    5. Don't Shoot the Barman

    • When Damien's scoop poses a threat to the CIA, Jacky arranges for him to hide out at Habib's house while he leaks the story elsewhere. But Damien gains recompense via Habib, who has his own secrets.

    6. The Ex-Woman of My Life

    • When an ex-lover of Jacky's arrives on a diplomatic mission and insists on using Kabul Kitchen for a sensitive ministerial meeting, the CIA bug the place and Jacky struggles to balance his loyalties.

    7. Top Secret

    • Jacky finds himself working for the CIA and French secret service, who both insist on him wearing a wire to a meeting organised by Colonel Amanullah at his palace, but will he crack under pressure?

    8. The Locker Room of Fear

    • On the day of the football final, Stein tells Jacky to inspect the contents of a briefcase in the locker room containing information relating to Amanullah's position, leading to a dangerous stand-off.

    9. The Road to Jalalabad

    • Under increasing pressure from the CIA, Jacky finds himself in need of a quick getaway, but escaping without a passport is tricky. Paul Braque has the right contacts, but wants something in return...

    10. The Man with the Pearl Pistol

    • The CIA threaten Jacky with a one-way ticket to Guantanamo if he doesn't help with their investigation. Jacky must retrieve the murder weapon, an ivory-handled gun, but it's easier said than done.

    11. The Traitor, the Brute and the Fiancee

    • Amanullah is tipped off by a member of the Afghan police that they have the murder weapon and he's convinced one of his staff is responsible. Jacky is ordered to lure the colonel away from his palace.

    12. Jacky Unchained

    • Amanullah vows to kill Jacky for his betrayal, sending him a warning that he will have him murdered at 6pm. With help from Habib, Jacky arranges an escape route, but will his plan be short-lived?