Kaboul Kitchen : Season 1

    • Air date: 13 Feb '12 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. The Girl with the Big Suitcase

    • Jacky's daughter arrives in Kaboul. She wants to do humanitarian work, but he wants her back on the plane...

    2. The Swimming Pool

    • Jacky's fundamentalist neighbour is outraged by what's going on at the Kabul Kitchen and gets him embroiled in a long argument with the Afghan authorities. Sophie plans to open a school for girls.

    3. The Panther & the Printer

    • Jacky's having trouble sourcing alcohol. Relations with his regular suppliers are rather tense and he has serious doubts about the seemingly easy solution that Colonel Amanullah offers by way of help.

    4. Dollars and Passion

    • When Jacky is seduced by a customer, it may have serious financial consequences for the restaurant. Sophie contacts election candidate Hamida about opening her girls' school in a poor neighbourhood.

    5. Fear in Kaboul

    • When rockets hit Kabul and the restaurant is UN blacklisted, profits take a hit so Jacky hires some mercenaries. What could possibly go wrong? Sophie wants Axel's help with the girls' school campaign.

    6. Vice and Verses

    • Colonel Amanullah asks Jacky to hide his mistress Djamila when she is discovered by his wives, but Sophie objects to Djamila's confinement in her room. Then Jacky finds himself arrested for procuring.

    7. Sophie's Departure

    • Sophie wants to return to France after the opening of her girls' school gets no publicity and few pupils turn up. Jacky fears he has cancer, but is hesitant about being treated in an Afghan hospital.

    8. White Lies Between Friends

    • Amanullah is inspired to improve his media profile when BBC reporter Nigel, an associate of Jacky, turns up. But Jacky doesn't want a journalist uncovering his connection to the drug lord colonel.

    9. Martine in Kaboul

    • Outraged by Nigel's report, in which Jacky's lifestyle is exposed, Sophie's mother Martine rushes to Kabul to ask for the child support she never received and hires an Afghan lawyer to represent her.

    10. Crisis of Faith

    • When the daughter of Hakim, Kabul Kitchen's cook, leaves the country with help from a German NGO, he turns to religion and coaxes his workmates to adhere to strict Muslim precepts, threatening profits.

    11. Cool in Kaboul

    • On election day, Jacky threatens Amanullah over the Halli brothers' deaths. Sophie is delighted to get a job at Kabul's new humanitarian association. Westerners are threatened as riots shake the city.

    12. Not Cool in Kaboul

    • Jacky manages to get his customers evacuated from the bar - after they've paid, of course. Amanullah and Axel try to find Sophie, who's been kidnapped. Damien wants to send the riot photos to France.