• Air date: 05 Apr '14 48 episodes
      In a Japanese jail sits 17-year-old Jotaro Kujo: punk, fighter, delinquent...and possessed by a force beyond his control! Around the world, evil spirits are awakening: "Stands," monstrous invisible creatures which give their bearers incredible powers. To save his mother's life, Jotaro must tame his dark forces and travel around the world to Cairo, Egypt, where a hundred-year-old vampire thirsts for the blood of his family. But the road is long, and an army of evil Stand Users wait to kill JoJo
  • List of Episodes (48)
    • 1. The Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit

      05 Apr '14
      In 1987, in Japan, a boy named Jotaro Kujo has willingly turned himself into jail, refusing to leave. Jotaro's mother, Holly, requests help from her father, Joseph Joestar, who travels to Japan alongside an acquaintance, Mohammed Abdul.
    • 2. Who Will Be the Judge!?

      12 Apr '14
      Jotaro heads to school and encounters a mysterious transfer student named Noriaki Kakyoin.
    • 3. The Curse of DIO

      19 Apr '14
      Jotaro is able to defeat Kakyoin. He takes the wounded Kakyoin back to his house, hoping to get some information about DIO.
    • 4. Tower of Grey

      26 Apr '14
      If they do not defeat DIO within 50 days, Holly could die - Jotaro and crew head to Egypt, where they think DIO is hiding. While on the plane, they run into another one of DIO's assassins.
    • 5. Silver Chariot

      03 May '14
      DIO's next assassin, Polnareff attacks Jotaro and crew, Abdul faces him with his Magician's Red.
    • 6. Dark Blue Moon

      10 May '14
      With a new person in their party, they head to Singapore with the boat the Speedwagon Foundation provided them, during their journey Jotaro is targeted by an enemy Stand from within the water.
    • 7. Strength

      17 May '14
      A giant ship shows itself. On board, they realize they can't seem to find a crew, but an orangutan.
    • 8. The Devil

      24 May '14
      Arrived in Singapore, Jotaro's group stays at a hotel individually. A new Stand owner who is known as "Devo the Cursed" is awaiting Polnareff in his room. Devo's Stand increases its power as its user's hatred towards the opponent increases. Polnareff gets into a desperate situation as he starts fighting front. Does Polnareff have a chance to win the battle against Devo who keeps attacking him in a cruel and brutal way?
    • 9. Yellow Temperance

      31 May '14
      Joseph uses Hermit Purple to create a message using the TV, which tells them that Kakyoin is a traitor.
    • 10. The Emperor and the Hanged Man, Part 1

      07 Jun '14
      The group travels to India. In a restaurant Polnareff is attacked by a mysterious Stand that is inside a mirror.
    • 11. The Emperor and the Hanged Man, Part 2

      14 Jun '14
      In an effort to save Polnareff, Abdul is injured by the enemy. Then J. Geil's Stand, Hanged Man attacks.
    • 12. The Empress

      21 Jun '14
      The group heads toward Varanasi. On the way, Joseph realizes his arm is quite swollen.
    • 13. Wheel of Fortune

      28 Jun '14
      Jotaro and the others head toward Pakistan in a car. Polnareff is driving the car on a very dangerous mountain road, and recklessly passes a slow moving vehicle that was in front of him.
    • 14. Justice, Part 1

      05 Jul '14
      Jotaro and the others successfully survive another attack from the enemy Stand users and make it into Pakistan. However, they decide to find an inn at a nearby village because of the dense fog they suddenly hit. The village they get to is rather quiet and all of the inhabitants seem rather odd.
    • 15. Justice, Part 2

      12 Jul '14
      Polnareff finally realizes that Enyaba is another assassin from DIO. He tries to warn the others, but Enyaba's Stand, Justice, has the ability to take control of people's bodies and corpses, and he is pursued. The whole village had already been under Enyaba's control.
    • 16. The Lovers, Part 1

      19 Jul '14
      After surviving Enyaba's attack, Jotaro and crew make it to Pakistan's capital, Karachi. There, they encounter DIO's next assassin, Steely Dan. Following DIO's orders, Steely Dan ruthlessly kills Enyaba in front of them. Jotaro and the others can't help but feel conflicted about that happening, and end up in a battle with Steely Dan.
    • 17. The Lovers, Part 2

      26 Jul '14
      Steely Dan's Stand, The Lovers, has entered Joseph's brain. Dan puts himself at an advantage, with having Joseph's life on the line, and tells Jotaro to do various things for him, knowing Jotaro has no choice but to obey. Meanwhile, Kakyoin and Polnareff also enter Joseph's brain with their Stands and find the Stand that is using brain cells as food.
    • 18. The Sun

      02 Aug '14
      Jotaro and the others continue their journey through the desert, trying to get to Cairo. They travel with camels and can't shake the feeling that someone is following them, but no one is in sight. Traveling in the killer heat, they realize that it's still bright out at 8pm and the sun is actually rising rather than setting.
    • 19. Death 13, Part 1

      09 Aug '14
      Kakyoin is dreaming and dreams about being in a strange amusement park, where he encounters the Death tarot card. While in the dream, he witnesses Death 13 cut down a dog. Kakyoin wakes up screaming, but can't remember what his bad dream was about.
    • 20. Death 13, Part 2

      16 Aug '14
      Kakyoin tries to convince the others that the baby is suspicious, but that backfires and his friends start to doubt his sanity. Kakyoin then tries to convince them that he's not crazy, and shows them his arm that has "Baby Stand" carved into it... but that just makes them believe he really is crazy. Kakyoin then tries to use his Stand to attack, but is knocked out by Polnareff. Eventually, Jotaro and the others wake up in the nightmare and the truth finally comes out.
    • 21. Judgment, Part 1

      23 Aug '14
      While on an island on the edge of the Red Sea where Mohammed Abdul's father is said to live, Polnareff uncovers a magic lamp and its genie Cameo offers him three wishes, although all is not as it seems. 
    • 22. Judgment, Part 2

      30 Aug '14
      Polnareff must find out a way to escape the attacks of Cameo and his Stand Judgement who has apparently turned his sister Cherie and Abdul into zombies.
    • 23. The High Priestess, Part 1

      06 Sep '14
      Jotaro and the others obtain a submarine as a new means of travel. Through the Red Sea, they try to head toward Egypt where DIO awaits. Using the sonar to detect any threats on the outside, the submarine quietly dives in. They however realize that if they're attacked underwater, there is nowhere to escape, so they are on their guard. Finally, when they are about to surface, a coffee mug that was in the cabin transforms and cuts off Joseph's artificial hand.
    • 24. The High Priestess, Part 2

      13 Sep '14
      The group must find a way off of the submarine and away from the attacks of High Priestess. 
    • 25. Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul, Part 1

      10 Jan '15
      Jotaro's group encounters N'Doul's Stand "Geb", and Iggy's "The Fool".