• Jem : Season 3

    • Air date: 21 Sep '87 39 episodes
      Using a holographic computer she inherited from her father, Jerrica Benton turns herself and her pals into pop-music group Jem and the Holograms.
  • List of Episodes (39)
    • 1. The Talent Search (1)

      21 Sep '87
      Problems affect Jem & The Holograms when Shana leaves to pursue a fashion career. The Holograms decide to host a Talent Search to find a new drummer. News of this spreads like fire which also catches the attention of The Misfits. The Misfits decide to upstage the Talent Search by adding a new Misfit: a hot-tempered saxophone player from England named Jetta. After so many disastrous auditions, the Holograms choose two finalists: A shy, but talented young woman named Carmen Alonzo (nicknamed Raya
    • 2. The Talent Search (2)

      22 Sep '87
      The Misfits discover that the other semi-finalist Craig is Stormer's brother. Eric then decides to use Craig to find out Jem's real identity. When he decides to stand up to Eric, Jetta swipes money from Eric's wallet which she uses to hire a gang to destroy Raya's fathers nursery so that Raya will go to Eric to get the money where she will reveal Jem's identity. The plan backfires when Raya spots Jetta wearing one of her father's orchids in her hair. Raya lashes out at Jetta, Eric and the
    • 3. Scandal

      23 Sep '87
      The Holograms, the Misfits, and Shawn Harrison (the British teen idol Kimber met in The World Hunger Shindig, and has asked her to write a song for him to perform) are all in Venice Beach. The Holograms are supposed to go on Harriet Horne's show, which is a famous celebrity gossip show. While the Holograms think they are not much to gossip about, Jetta steals Kimber's diary and publishes it. Tabloids twist the story, saying Kimber is in love with Shawn and he has no feelings for her. Kimber must
    • 4. One Jem Too Many

      24 Sep '87
      Jerrica, stressed-out from dealing with tax forms and problems with the Starlight record company and home for girls, gets into trouble with a nasty tempered Jem impersonator, who turns out to be Clash disguised in one of The Misfits' plots to ruin Jem.
    • 5. The Bands Break Up

      28 Sep '87
      Upset with the way their bands treat them, Kimber and Stormer quit and join forces. They are extremely popular and try to release an album, but they soon realize Eric Raymond is using them to get back his half of Starlight Music.
    • 6. The Fan

      29 Sep '87
      Jem is kidnapped by a rich fan with help of The Misfits and taken to a copy of Starlight Mansion with actors playing her friends in an attempt to find out her real identity.
    • 7. Fathers' Day

      01 Oct '87
      It's Fathers' Day! Kimber has a bad time, trying to remembering her late father, but learns to cope after having a talk with Pizzazz's father as he has his own problems with his daughter. Also, The Holograms and Misfits visit Clash and Video's hometown for a Father's day banquet.
    • 8. The Treasure Hunt

      05 Oct '87
      The Starlight Girls compete with Misfits-in-Training in a treasure hunt for literacy. In the end, they learn that knowledge is the greatest prize of all.
    • 9. Aztec Enchantment

      07 Oct '87
      The Misfits join up with Clash, who was just given a video camera by her father, and hit Mexico to ruin Jem and the Holograms' new music video directed by Video at the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple. Also the Holograms befriend a poor young boy who wants to go to the United States.
    • 10. Music Is Magic

      14 Oct '87
      Jem & the Holograms are set to appear on a Music & Magic TV Special. However, matters are made worse when they discover that their rivals The Misfits are also guests on the show but the real trouble starts when they all keep disappearing one by one but who's behind it?
    • 11. The Jazz Player

      15 Oct '87
      Jem tries to reunite the Tapps Tucket Quartet, an old jazz group. Meanwhile, Eric Raymond is trying to put out a compilation album of jazz songs. Eric and the Misfits do everything in their power to stop the Tapps Tucket Quartet from getting back together so Eric's jazz album can be released.
    • 12. Danse Time

      19 Oct '87
      The Holograms want to submit a video with the theme of friendship for a competition. But in the process, Danse is injured. Will she heal in time for them to make the perfect video?
    • 13. Roxy Rumbles

      20 Oct '87
      Roxy wins the lottery and goes home to Philadelphia to show off her new lavish lifestyle to her old friends. Meanwhile, Jem and the Holograms are in Philadelphia on a tour to promote literacy. What no one knows is Roxy is illiterate. Roxy decides to throw a bigger party than the Holograms and ends up without any money left because she didn't read the fine print on her contracts. In the end, she decides to learn how to read thanks to a book BaNee gives her.
    • 14. Alone Again

      23 Oct '87
      Laura Holloway, a new Starlight Girl with a talent for music, falls victim to Bobby Braddock, a drug dealer at her school. Ashley plays an important role again, this time helping to confront Laura and eventually help the police catch Bobby.
    • 15. KJEM

      29 Oct '87
      A group of college students (including a high school friend of Kimber's) ask Jem to help a struggling radio station that they intern at, that a larger rival station wants to buy out and get rid of.
    • 16. Trick or Techrat

      30 Oct '87
      The Holograms plan to save an old opera house from being torn down. As they restore it for a special Halloween concert, the Holograms encounter spooks and ghosts.
    • 17. The Presidential Dilemma

      02 Nov '87
      A marauding thief is taking all of the American national treasures. Meanwhile, Synergy is apprehended by the government. It is up to Jerrica to save her and stop the marauder.
    • 18. Rock 'n' Roll Express

      03 Nov '87
      Double trouble on the trains--a thief and the Misfits--affect Jem on a cross-country train trip.
    • 19. Mardi Gras

      04 Nov '87
      The Holograms are invited to wear the pirate Jean Lafitte's jewels for the Mardi Gras celebration. But could Lafitte's ghost be after them?
    • 20. The Middle of Nowhere

      05 Nov '87
      Jem and the Holograms visit Ba Nee's pen pal in Alaska. It is up to them to stop the Misfits and Eric Raymond from ruining Alaska and destroying a natural seal habitat.
    • 21. Renaissance Woman

      16 Nov '87
      The Holgrams and their friends attend a Renaissance fair at a castle in England. The false lord-to-be who owns castle and a Robin Hood-like outlaw trying to oust him both fall in love with Danse.
    • 22. Journey to Shangri-La

      24 Nov '87
      The Holograms hear the story of Shangri-La, a magical city that no one can find and contains magical music. They decide to go in search of the city in order to learn the music and add it to their act. Naturally, the Misfits follow them to find out what they are up to. When Pizzazz and Roxy are poisoned by thorns in the snowy mountains, the others learn that only the magic music of Shangri-La can heal them. An old woman shows the Holograms how to reach the city, and the girls learn the music
    • 23. Journey Through Time

      06 Jan '88
      Jem and The Holograms are transported through time by one of Techrat's devices so the Misfits can headline the World History of Music Concert. Along the way, Jem and The Holograms meet Wolfgang Motzart, The Ben Tiller Orchestra, and Johnny Beldricks.
    • 24. Britrock

      07 Jan '88
      The Misfits go to England to meet Jetta's supposedly aristocratic family. Jetta's lower-class parents strike up a deal with a Lord of England which ends badly. Meanwhile, the Holograms come to play a show in London and meet an old friend.
    • 25. Out of the Past

      08 Jan '88
      While cleaning out the attic, Jerrica and the Holograms find Emmett Benton's journal. Jerrica begins to read it out loud - as she does, we see flashback of the Benton family when Jerrica was 11, Kimber was 8 or 9, and both their parents were still alive. The journal chronicles many important events in the Bentons' lives: Rio moving in next door, Aja and Shana coming to live with the family as foster girls, the beginning of Starlight Music, Jacqui's death in a plane crash, Jerrica and Rio's