• Air date: 16 Nov '20 579 episodes
      All Imlie wanted was to create a name for herself in the city. But upon her arrival, she finds herself caught in the middle of Aditya and Malini's love story.
  • List of Episodes (579)
    • 1. Meet Imlie

      16 Nov '20
      Imlie, a smart young girl, aims to give her mother a good life.
    • 2. Imlie Wins an Award

      17 Nov '20
      Malini apologises to Aditya after her mother humiliates him. Later, Imlie is filled with joy when she gets a prestigious award from her school.
    • 3. Imlie, Aditya Cross Paths

      18 Nov '20
      Imlie and Aditya run into each other when the latter's bike rams into the vehicle she is travelling in. At home, Malini's mother speaks ill of Aditya.
    • 4. Satyakaam Consoles Imlie

      19 Nov '20
      Malini is esctatic to receive Aditya's call and reminds him of their parents' meeting. In Pagdandia, Satyakaam finds a dejected Imlie and consoles her.
    • 5. Imlie Takes a Stand!

      20 Nov '20
      Imlie enjoys herself at the village fair and takes a stand against Aditya's views. While Malini's mother expresses her disapproval, Aditya follows Satyakaam.
    • 6. Aditya Is Taken Hostage

      21 Nov '20
      Suspecting foulplay, Satyakaam and his men take Aditya hostage. Meanwhile, Malini's parents reach Aditya's house to discuss their marriage dates.
    • 7. Aditya Is in Danger

      23 Nov '20
      Imlie helps Satyakaam and his men kidnap Aditya while Malini is distraught over her mother's decision. Later, Satyakaam holds Aditya at gunpoint!
    • 8. Aditya Interviews Satyakaam

      24 Nov '20
      Aditya manages to gain Satyakaam's trust and interviews him to learn about his fight. Later, Malini feels a rift forming between Aditya and her.
    • 9. Imlie, Aditya's Wild Ride

      25 Nov '20
      Imlie arrives with a strange choice of a ride for Aditya and the two enjoy in the rain. Meanwhile, Malini's mother fixes the date of her engagement.
    • 10. Aditya Gets Into Trouble

      26 Nov '20
      Aditya decides to take shelter with Imlie in a hut during the storm but gets into trouble with the villagers. Elsewhere, Aditya's family puts forth a heartfelt request to Anu.
    • 11. A Tough Choice for Aditya

      27 Nov '20
      Amma says that if Aditya wants the villagers to spare his life, he has to marry Imlie. Meanwhile, Aditya's family worries upon not being able to contact him.
    • 12. Aditya Marries Imlie

      28 Nov '20
      Aditya is forced to marry Imlie at gunpoint while the latter's mother reveals the truth about Aditya to her friend. Meanwhile, Malini worries for Aditya.
    • 13. A Strange Predicament For Imlie

      30 Nov '20
      Aditya tells Imlie that they will go their separate ways on reaching Delhi while she makes a promise to him. Later, Amma sends a spy to follow Aditya and Imlie.
    • 14. Imlie Gets a Home

      01 Dec '20
      Aditya brings Imlie to an N.G.O but soon realises that it won't be safe for her. Later, Imlie meets Aditya's family and is welcomes into their home.
    • 15. Aditya Rebukes Imlie

      02 Dec '20
      Aditya tries to tell Malini the truth but fails when he sees her joyous mood. Later, Aditya's mother stands by Imlie when he loses his cool at her.
    • 16. Imlie Recieves Praise

      03 Dec '20
      Imlie garners praise from Aditya's mother for cleverly fixing his phone. Later, Malini has an argument with Anu while Aditya has a close call.
    • 17. Malini Meets Imlie

      04 Dec '20
      Malini visits Aditya and meets Imlie, but she gets confused as to why Aditya didn't tell her about bringing her with him. Later, Imlie comes face to face with her father.
    • 18. Is Imlie in Danger?

      05 Dec '20
      While Malini's father praises Imlie, Anu suspects that she stole the jewelry. Later, the family are shocked to find Imlie lying unconscious.
    • 19. Imlie is Hurt

      07 Dec '20
      Aditya’s family plays a trick on Imlie and his mother makes her try out Malini’s ring. Later, Aditya makes a comment hurting Imlie.
    • 20. Aditya Confesses His Fears

      08 Dec '20
      While Imlie is overwhelmed by Aditya's gesture, he tells her about his fear of getting exposed and breaking Malini's heart. Later, Satyakaam learns about Imlie.
    • 21. Satyakaam Fumes in Anger

      09 Dec '20
      Aditya meets Malini's grandmother while Imlie and his family celebrate Shiv Puja. At Pagdandia, a furious Satyakaam decides to confront Amma.
    • 22. Malini, Aditya's Romantic Dinner

      10 Dec '20
      Aditya refuses to listen to anyone in his family and announces to send Imlie back to the village. Later, Aditya has a romantic dinner with Malini at her house.
    • 23. Imlie Is in Danger

      11 Dec '20
      Anu rebukes Aditya's family after they arrive at the venue. While Malini's pre-wedding rituals commence, Imlie lands in grave trouble.
    • 24. Aditya Saves Imlie

      12 Dec '20
      Aditya waits for the cops to save the girls but steps in to rescue Imlie himself as the cops don't show up quickly. Later, Imlie spots a shocking painting at Malini's house.
    • 25. Imlie Is Devastated

      14 Dec '20
      Imlie is devastated after witnessing Malini and Aditya's engagement. Later, Malini finds Aditya's camera in her house.