Hutatma : Season 2

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      Air date: 01 Jul '19 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)

    1. Vidyut is detained

    • After the commotion at the site, Vidyut tries to escape but gets arrested and is detained along with Bhimabai and Anjanabai. Meanwhile, Abhay is released from jail and he joins his party and gears up for elections. When Rane spots Vidyut at the police station he senses that a bigger conspiracy could be underway to assassinate Pandit Nehru.

    2. Vidyut's hidden gun

    • After being released on bail, Vidyut starts working for Mane, who gets an offer from Congress party to work for the welfare of riot victims. Meanwhile, Vidyut starts panicking when she hears the news that a gun was found in Pratapgarh. She rushes to the site and recovers her gun but is spotted by a guard.

    3. Abhay and Vidyut grow closer

    • Considering Gaonkar’s proximity with Nehru, Vidyut decides to work with Gaonkar to rise higher in ranks and get closer to her target. Vidyut’s brother starts working with Abhay whose party wins the Municipal elections. Meanwhile, Abhay and Vidyut get closer and he even takes her home to meet his parents.

    4. Vidyut confesses her crime

    • Gurunath confronts Vidyut about the gun and she takes him to Pratapgarh to prove that she lost the gun. Shreerang tries to win Vidyut’s attention but she disposes him off. Meanwhile, Rane gets a hint about Vidyut’s role in Pratapgarh incident and he informs Shirke Madam about it. Shirke Madam calls her home where Vidyut confesses her intentions

    5. Winds of change

    • Indira Gandhi becomes the president of Congress and advises Nehru to accept the demands for Samyukta Maharashtra Movement. Meanwhile, Guruji asks Leela to eliminate Vidyut as she knows a lot and could be a threat for them.

    6. Vidyut comes closer to her target

    • Leela tries to kill Vidyut but she narrowly escapes in the accident. When Shrirang tries to get close to Vidyut, she gets furious on him. This irks Shrirang and he decides to expose her. Meanwhile, when Nehru visits Mumbai, Vidyut finds herself an unguarded moment with him at the Government Rest house. Will she attack him?

    7. The final face-off

    • Celebrations begins and Nehru is set to be present for the inauguration function and light the lamp. Vidyut who is a volunteer is all set to attack Nehru but Malini Tai and Abhay rush to stop her. Will Vidyut get her revenge or will Abhay manage to stop her at the right time?