• Air date: 28 Aug '21 78 episodes
      The forest ranger's house is the only area of human civilization in the middle of untamed wilderness in a vast natural reserve in Canada. When the ranger is away, a bear named Grizzy feels that the ranger's house is his territory, given that bears sit at the top of the food chain. After making his way inside the home, Grizzy takes advantage of all the modern conveniences there, including a comfortable sofa, air conditioning and fully equipped kitchen. He's not alone, though, because a group of small creatures called lemmings also populate the ranger's house when he is away. Because Grizzy and the lemmings are not civilized enough to live together in peace, it becomes an atmosphere of madness when the two sides try to outdo each other with tricks.
  • List of Episodes (78)
    • 1. Peaceable Enemies

      28 Aug '21
      Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over the tablet. During their scuffle, they knock over an army crate, which falls into the middle of the bamboo forest surrounding the cabin. Alerted by the noise, a peace missionary panda comes out of the forest and tries to calm down the worked-up adversaries. But will the limitless strategies of Grizzy and the Lemmings get the better of the panda's patience?
    • 2. The Legend Of The Lemmings

      28 Aug '21
      The Lemmings create a shadow puppet show where seven papercut Lemmings confront a bear over a jar of Yummy chocolate spread. The Lemmings in the audience are super enthusiastic, but Grizzy is outraged by the treatment inflicted upon the bear. He decides to intervene and equips the paper bear with an armor and saber! The Lemmings retort with ninja effigies of themselves and mount an attack to recover the coveted jar of Yummy spread.
    • 3. Dragons & Bears

      28 Aug '21
      As Grizzy relaxes in the massage chair, a cloud drifts in front of the sun, immediately stopping the electricity supply in the log cabin. The voltage drops continue, even though the sky seems clear now. Grizzy looks out the window and a dragon appears on the horizon! Once over his initial fright, the bear realizes that it's only a kite flown by the Lemmings – using the electricity they have rerouted from the cabin!
    • 4. Bamboo Warfare

      28 Aug '21
      Grizzy dismantles the toboggan built by the Lemmings in the log cabin and reemploys the bamboo sticks to build a jacuzzi. When the Lemmings discover the bear's piece of work, they imagine a giant waterpark dominated by an immense waterslide. Anticipating the Lemmings' desire, Grizzy tries to barricade himself inside, but the rodents manage to eject him from the cabin. The bear comes back, protected by a super bamboo armor…
    • 5. Bear In The Clouds

      28 Aug '21
      The Lemmings organize a drone race throughout the cabin. Grizzy, who was on the verge of falling asleep, interrupts the competition but must contend with the rodents' reprisals. Thrown out of the cabin, the bear falls into a temple dedicated to the Monkey King. He appropriates the statue's powers, operating a magic cloud by remote control. Grizzy settles in on the cloud and wins the race before the Lemmings. But a cloud that flies that fast can only arouse excitement…
    • 6. Umbrella Tactics

      28 Aug '21
      To trick Grizzy's vigilance and steal the TV, the Lemmings, disguised as traditional Chinese dancers, perform a number that leaves the bear flabbergasted. The rodents take advantage of their diversion to carry off the TV set on their airborne craft made of Chinese umbrellas. But before they can escape with their bounty, Grizzy recovers the screen. Ever as determined, the Lemmings come back after upgrading their vessel.
    • 7. Neither Yin, Nor Yang

      28 Aug '21
      Annoyed by a noisy high-speed chase between the Lemmings and a raccoon, Grizzy abruptly stops the game. The players fall into empty space and land in a clearing. The impact of their crash-landing cracks a black and white tile representing Yin and Yang and a strange light pours over the raccoon. Depending on his mood, the color of his fur changes, and his excitement or calm become contagious to all those around him!
    • 8. Mechatronics Bear

      28 Aug '21
      On the way back from a fishing outing, Grizzy unwittingly brings back an electrode that controls a robot. Once activated, the gadget puts itself in the service of the bear, satisfying his each and every need. The envious Lemmings plot to take possession of this new metallic ally. They manage to evict the bear, who does not intend to take this lying down… especially when he discovers a pair of robotic arms hidden in a module that fell out of the robot!
    • 9. Tai Chi Lemmings

      28 Aug '21
      After a game that ends abruptly, the Lemmings fall onto the roof of a temple where they discover drawings of Tai Chi movements. When carried out, the exercises generate a ball of energy! The Lemmings test out the sequence of movements on… Grizzy, until he is evicted from the cabin and falls onto the temple in turn. His fall unveils a new sequence of movements on a fresco that could create an even stronger energy flow!
    • 10. Lemming Fortune

      28 Aug '21
      When Grizzy propels the Lemmings out of the log cabin perched on the Great Wall of China, the critters land on a small traditional house in a bamboo forest where they discover a box filled with fortune cookies. One Lemming gets super lucky after eating one. Armed with their magic cookies, the Lemmings set out to confront Grizzy. But each cookie represents a power… or a curse!
    • 11. Tough Medicine

      28 Aug '21
      The Lemmings love sesame nougat but Grizzy, who adores this treat too, steals their box. Quite upset, the rodents search for more, in vain. Instead, they discover the art of energy points in an old Chinese medicine book. Determined to recover their sweets regardless of the cost, the Lemmings activate Grizzy's vital points, and the bear finds himself completely blocked. Thanks to the book, Grizzy frees himself and learns to master energies in turn.
    • 12. Domestic Shaolin

      28 Aug '21
      After being thrown out of the log cabin by Grizzy, the Lemmings find a dragon statue with a mysterious stone in a temple. Touching the stone makes a fleeting tattoo appear on their bellies, temporarily endowing them with the mastery of Shaolin Kung Fu. The Lemmings return to the cabin and uproot Grizzy with ease! But Grizzy has not said his last word and manages to get hold of the magic stone.
    • 13. Fireworks Cabin

      29 Aug '21
      At nightfall, just as Grizzy starts to doze off, a racket comes from outside the cabin: the Lemmings are sliding along the Great Wall in a crate, propelled by firework rockets. Cleverly avoiding the bear's strategies to stop them, the Lemmings accidentally set off a mechanism in a tower. A secret room filled with cannons and catapults opens, just waiting to be used by the powder monkey apprentices…
    • 14. Parasailing Fishing

      25 Sep '21
      Grizzy gets a nice big bite on the end of his fishing line. While he concentrates hard to strike his catch, the Lemmings divert the fish to tow them on a kite. Grizzy tries to sabotage their improvised kitesurfing game to recover what's rightfully his, until a shark's fin appears on the horizon!
    • 15. Yummy Pirates

      25 Sep '21
      The cupboards of the log cabin are hopelessly empty and Grizzy's belly is rumbling. Through his binoculars, he observes the overexcited Lemmings slipping all sorts of small metal objects into the slot of… a Yummy vending machine!?! The bear joins them on the pontoon. If only they could find some coins to make the machine work. Maybe the solution is to find the booty indicated on the treasure map they unearthed on the beach?
    • 16. Sea Excursion

      25 Sep '21
      After accidentally breaking his favorite sofa, Grizzy spots a cozy fishing cabin on a neighboring island. He requisitions the Lemmings' canoe to get there but discovers that the new cabin is dilapidated and lacking all comfort. The poor bear had been deluded by a poster. However, a fabulous yacht is moored nearby. It catches both his attention and that of the Lemmings, who have just disembarked on the island!
    • 17. Sand Lemmings

      25 Sep '21
      The Lemmings have fun taking potshots at sand statues depicting Grizzy. Outraged, he catapults them far into the distance. Grizzy takes advantage of their absence to erect a monumental sculpture of himself. But just as he takes a selfie in front of the sculpture, Grizzy realizes that the Lemmings have laid hands on… a pirate cannon!
    • 18. Non-Peaceful Coaching

      25 Sep '21
      After being hit over the head, the Lemmings become hypnotized by a fitness poster and belive they are now sports coaches. They are determined to forcefully train Grizzy, who would much rather lounge around than do push-ups and squats. But the Lemmings' new personality makes them particularly overbearing.
    • 19. Bear In Troubled Waters

      25 Sep '21
      Nothing seems to be biting Grizzy's fishing rod and the bear is in despair. Suddenly he spots a fabulous swordfish swimming in the lagoon. The bear is already licking his chops, when he sees the Lemmings straddling the fish in a rodeo game. From inside the cabin using a mooring post, Grizzy manages to snare the swordfish and is about to pull it in, but the Lemmings are riding it toward the high seas. Each party tugs hard. And the cabin starts to slide…
    • 20. Earthquake-Proof Bear

      25 Sep '21
      The Lemmings discover that several drops of Tabasco sauce poured into a rock fault releases powerful sprays of steam that propel them high into the sky on a pot lid. Except that the entire volcanic island shudders each time the drops are poured. Grizzy, who has decided to take a nap in his hammock, confiscates the bottle before realizing that the Lemmings have an entire stock!
    • 21. The Spirit Of Competition

      25 Sep '21
      The Lemmings have decided to organize a race with two sand yachts they found on the beach. The only thing missing is a worthy adversary. They put Grizzy, who was taking a nap, on one of the yachts without waking him up. And the race is off. Grizzy wakes up in shock onboard his sand yacht.
    • 22. Odd-Job Crab

      25 Sep '21
      Grizzy has run out of ideas to open his coconut until he sees the Lemmings' new friend the crab open one with a simple snip of the claw. He confiscates the crustacean and uses it to take the tops off his coconuts. As they fight over the crab, the characters discover a remote-control device in a secret grotto that operates a giant crab. Grizzy takes over the controls, but the Lemmings want to play with the joystick too!
    • 23. Diving In The Wild

      25 Sep '21
      Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over the last jar of Yummy chocolate spread in the cabin, and it ends up sinking in the lagoon. The bear makes a diving suit from various home facilities, while the Lemmings share a diving tank to put a wrench in their adversary's flippers! But the local wildlife comes to greet them.
    • 24. Choco-Coco

      25 Sep '21
      Grizzy wakes up after a nap, starving, but the last jar of Yummy chocolate spread is empty. The cupboards are barren, except for a package of chocolate powder. Grizzy has the idea of mixing it with coconut milk. It's absolutely delicious! But the Lemmings, who are every bit as gluttonous, want their share of the choco-coco drink!
    • 25. Ordeal Of Comfort

      02 Oct '21
      A helicopter takes off from the beach, leaving behind installations for a TV game, namely lots of food supplies – which are locked up. To access the keys and the food, participants must win team tests under the surveillance of a drone. The Lemmings are the yellow team. The red team is composed of Grizzy, an oar, and a flabbergasted crab!