Godiva's : Season 2

    • Air date: 14 Feb '06 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Floodgates

    • Stick receives a very unusual cooking request, Ramir thinks Simone might just be interested in his (lesbian) fiancee Rajni. And, Kate begins to have second thoughts about that handsome real estate agent Lucas.

    2. Flipping Switches

    • Kate manages the seamless flow of Godiva's. Victor reprimands Stick for his continuing drug habit. Doubtful that he would be caught for a second time, Stick and Victor are stunned when they see Daisy rounding the corner with a cop showing him where her bike was stolen.

    3. Out the Door

    • Ramir has disappointed news for manager Kate, and TJ is turned away at Ramir's bachelor party.

    4. Champagne Kisses

    • Ramir slows down the kitchen for personal gain; a real-estate developer charms Kate; Martin makes a lifestyle change; Cordell and TJ learn more about themselves after their respective break-ups.

    5. Dead Flowers

    • Ramir gets an inspiring visit from rival chef Tony Pitt.

    6. Forbidden Fruit

    • When Stick faces drug charges he is forced to disclose his wealthy roots.

    7. Rubbing Shoulders

    • When Godiva's makes Vancouver Magazine's Top Ten Hotspots list, a competitor tries to intimidate the staff.

    8. The Bigger Man

    • TJ has problems dealing with the new, over-achieving, busboy Adrian but when Kate refuses to fire him, the competition is on.

    9. The Tempting Spice

    • TJ breaks into Garth's office to steal back the Godiva's receipts.

    10. Little Engines

    • Ramir discovers that his father's development company has been hired to tear down Godiva's.

    11. The Fifth Taste

    • Godiva's has a thief, and Jenna is furious when she's the first victim.

    12. Inked

    • After Kate accidentally runs into the man who date raped her, she and Simone and hatch a plan to deal with the guy. Ramir struggles with chef/artist block and Martin begins to explore the wonderful world of women. TJ and Chantal begin a friendship that is quickly turning into a relationship and Cordell sees his relationship with Drew begin to fall apart. The passion of Jenna and Stick seems to fizzle over salsa dancing and Daisy challenges herself and her beliefs with Sam as she becomes a

    13. Exit Strategies

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