• Air date: 16 Mar '05 6 episodes
      Godiva's is a Canadian television comedy-drama series, which debuted on Bravo! and Citytv in 2005; each episode is one hour in length. It completed a successful two-season run in 2006, but though the show received rave reviews, it was cancelled by CHUM broadcasting. There are currently attempts at getting a third season made. The series was created by Michael MacLennan with Julia Keatley of Keatley Entertainment. The series was nominated for numerous Gemini Awards including Best Series. It was celebrated for its intelligent, fast-paced depiction of young Canadians in the restaurant industry.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Begin It Now

      16 Mar '05
      Kate decides to take over a dying restaurant named Godiva's. The head chef dies leaving the ever so arrogant sous-chef Ramair to step up to the plate and become the new head chef.
    • 2. The Hungry Ghost

      23 Mar '05
      In a attempt to get money for the restaurant Kate hires a DJ and Ramair isn't happy about it. After all the bad luck the restaurant has been having everyone believes that Corvino's ghost is haunting Godiva's even more so after seeing the horror movie ""The Exorcist"". A power outage strikes Godiva's and Stick gets arrested while trying to protect TJ from getting caught selling drugs by the police. The gang does a ritual to let Corvino's spirt rest in peace.
    • 3. Having Her Cake

      30 Mar '05
      Ramair starts to get nervous when Jenna begins to get serious on him. Daisy tries to get used to ethics of cruelty-free cooking. Kate has to do something when a restaurant reviewer comes to Godiva's when the restaurant isn't busy. The Godiva's staff all begin to re-thinking about their dreams.
    • 4. Masters of Delusion

      06 Apr '05
      Ramair decides it's time that the restaurant should have a new menu. Kate has sexual encounter with her realtor. The staff learns that you don't need to know alot of English to have other talents the staff see's Victor's other talents.
    • 5. Fancy Footwork

      13 Apr '05
      The unique staff of Godiva's will deal with life and love. Kate tires to hide her infidelity when her fiance ""Bruce visits Toronto. Jenna's show ends leaving her broke and without a job.
    • 6. Fast and Loose

      20 Apr '05
      Ramir begins to feel the pressure, not from the restaurant but from his family, they are pressuring him to settle down. Kate is having a hard time keeping her relationship together.