• Air date: 01 Feb '15 50 episodes
      Go! Princess PreCure is set in a boarding junior high school, named Noble Gakuen (Noble Academy). The protagonist Haruka Haruno is a 13-year-old first year student. Her big dream is to be a princess someday, because she has admired a princess in the picture book she has kept since her childhood. One day she transforms into Cure Flora with "Dress Up Key" which Prince Kanata of Hope Kingdom gave her as a good luck charm when she was little. Then she also finds other PreCure girls in her school, 14-year-old Minami Kaidou as Cure Mermaid and 13-year-old Kirara Amanogawa as Cure Twinkle. As the Princess PreCure team, with two fairies Pafu and Aroma, they decide to fight against dark witch Disupia (or Despair) who hates all the dreams in the world and wants to turn them to despair.
  • List of Episodes (50)
    • 1. I'm a Princess? Cure Flora Is Born!

      01 Feb '15
      Haruka Haruno, a young girl who wishes to be a princess, meets a strange boy named Kanata who encourages her dream and gives her a special charm. Several years later, Haruka enrols at the prestigious Noble Academy boarding school, where her new roommate, Yui Nanase, shows her around the campus. Whilst hiding in the woods over her embarrassment over revealing her dream, Haruka comes across Puff and Aroma, two fairy siblings from the Hope Kingdom. Just then, they are approached by Close, an
    • 2. The Academy's Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears!

      08 Feb '15
      Puff and Aroma explain to Haruka, they got separated from Kanata after the Hope Kingdom was attacked by Dys Dark, led by a witch named Dyspear, entrusted with finding the three Princess PreCures who possess the Dress Up Keys. As Haruka decides to train hard to become a proper princess, student council president Minami Kaidou finds a Dress Up Key washed up on the beach. After observing Minami's graceful elegance, Haruka asks her to teach her how to do ballet so that she can become more
    • 3. Goodbye Already? You Are Not Allowed to Keep Puff!

      15 Feb '15
      While Minami works with Puff and Aroma to find the missing Princess Perfume, Haruka joins the rest of the freshmen in cleaning the dorms. However, Puff gets discovered by the dorm superviser, Reiko Kisaragi, who states that pets can't be kept in the dorm. After studying the rules, which requires every student to agree in order to implement a new rule, Minami gives Haruka one week to unanimously convince the other students to let Puff stay in the dorms. Over the week, Haruka manages to use Puff's
    • 4. Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?

      22 Feb '15
      Haruka and Minami discover that Kirara Amanogawa, a fashion model who has also enrolled at Noble Academy, has the missing Princess Perfume in her possession. Curious as to if she is the third PreCure, Haruka and Minami go into the city where Kirara is working to try and talk to her. However, they are interrupted when Close appears with a Camera Zetsuborg, which the Cures quickly defeat. Before the Cures can properly explain themselves, Kirara just straight up returns the Princess Perfume and
    • 5. The Three of Us Are Go! We Are Princess PreCure!

      01 Mar '15
      As Haruka remains determined to make her a part of Princess PreCure, Kirara decides to show her just how busy her schedule is by taking her along with her. Following an afternoon packed with lessons, photoshoots, and meetings, Kirara explains that she is working hard to surpass her supermodel mother, Stella. Later, as Kirara struggles with an audition, Haruka helps her put together an outfit that resembles the sparkling nature of Cure Twinkle's outfit, impressing the fussy judge. The next day,
    • 6. Lesson Start! Aim to be a Grand Princess!

      08 Mar '15
      With the Cures gathered together, Aroma announces that the girls must aim to become Grand Princesses, using the Princess Lesson Pad to call forth a fairy teacher named Miss Shamour. While Minami and Kirara show good promise in tea party etiquette, Haruka struggles to live up to the princess she admired in her storybooks. After their lessons, the girls are contacted by Kanata, who explains how Dys Dark took over the Hope Kingdom and trapped the dreams of all of its citizens. To fight this, Kanata
    • 7. Reunion by Tennis! Bullied by a Boy!?

      15 Mar '15
      As part of a mixed sports tournament being held at Noble Academy, Haruka is participating in a doubles tennis tournament alongside Yuki Aihara, who she soon remembers as a student from kindergarten who used to pick on her because of her dreams of being a princess. Their relationship doesn't improve as Yuki refuses to teach Haruka, who has no tennis experience, stating he will do everything himself. Angered by this, Haruka starts taking tennis lessons from Miss Shamour, with Minami and Kirara
    • 8. Absolutely Impossible!? Haruka's Dress Making!

      22 Mar '15
      Hearing about the upcoming Noble Party, Haruka decides to try her hand at making her own dress under Miss Shamour's instruction. While managing to come up with a design, Haruka struggles with the sewing aspect. When her grades start slipping as a result, Haruka is told by Minami to stop making the dress and focus on her studies, but Haruka instead decides to try and work extra hard to accomplish both. Overworking herself enough as it is, Haruka feels compelled to remake her dress from scratch
    • 9. Rise the Curtain! The longed for Noble Party!

      29 Mar '15
      The day of the Noble Party arrives, with Minami working extra hard to keep things organized. While Haruka feels somewhat guilty for just having fun, Minami assures her this is something she is striving to do herself. When the power suddenly goes off in the hall, Minami goes to investigate and is confronted by Close, who quickly discovers that Minami has a fear of ghosts and takes advantage of that with his Camera Zetsuborg. Learning about Minami's fear from her friends, Haruka and Kirara go to
    • 10. Where where? A New Dress Up Key!

      05 Apr '15
      Kanata informs the girls of a Dress-Up Key located somewhere on Noble Academy's campus in a "place where dreams are overflowing". Hearing rumors that the dorm mother, Shirogane, possesses a unique key herself, Haruka and the others follow her through a secret passageway leading to a beautiful rose garden. There, they come across a windmill where Shirogane has kept plaques of all the graduated students' dreams, which shine when Shirogane uses her key to open up the windows. Just as the Dress-Up
    • 11. Big Big Big Trouble!? PreCure vs Close!

      12 Apr '15
      Deciding to give Close one final chance, Dyspear transports everyone to an alternate dimension, sending Zetsuborgs after Minami, Kirara, and Yui, while Close, unleashing his power, fights against Haruka. The Cures attempt to use their Elegant Keys, but find they don't work with their Princess Perfume. Meanwhile, Kanata informs Yui, Puff, and Aroma about the magical items, the Crystal Princess Rods, to which Yui decides to help out. Minami and Kirara defeat their opponents and join Haruka, but
    • 12. Kirara and Idol! The Hot Donut Battle!

      19 Apr '15
      As Yui decides to help the Cures in any way she can, Kirara is offered a gig as a television reporter trying new flavors of donuts. However, the show's regular reporter, Ranko Ichijou, is less than pleased about working alongside Kirara and keeps trying to hog the limelight for herself. The two reporters are put in a battle to decide who gets to sample a new flavor. After Ranko wins a mascot design contest and Kirara wins a reporting contest, they are both pitted against each other in a race
    • 13. A Cold Timbre...! The Black Princess Appears!

      26 Apr '15
      Haruka becomes interested in the violin after coming across a mysterious masked girl and coming to admire her violin playing. Minami takes Haruka to meet her violin instructor, who gives her a violin of her own, which was the first one he ever made. After struggling to play under Miss Shamour's instruction, Haruka once again comes across the masked violinist, who teaches her how to play. The next day however, Haruka and the others discover the masked violinist is actually Dyspear's daughter,
    • 14. The Form of Love! Haruno Family's Dream!

      03 May '15
      Noble Academy prepares for Family Day, in which the students' families are invited on campus, with Haruka eager to see both her parents and her little sister Momoka. To her shock, however, Haruka finds that Momoka seems to show little interest in the school and is acting coldly towards Haruka and her friends. When Haruka scolds her for being rude to her friends, Momoka lashes out at her and runs off, with Minami theorising that she may be lonely due to living apart from her big sister. Kirara
    • 15. The Great Transformation roma! Aroma's Butler Test!

      10 May '15
      Aroma is revealed to be an apprentice who is learning to become Kanata's butler but has been failing his exams. Transformed into human form by Miss Shamour's magic, Aroma is asked to retake his exam by serving as Haruka's butler for the day, while Puff, also given a human form, learns to become a maid. After a day of keeping Haruka to a hectic schedule, Aroma becomes upset when Miss Shamour fails him, saying he doesn't understand the most important thing about being a butler. Running off in
    • 16. An Oath to the Sea! Minami's Most Important Treasure!

      17 May '15
      The girls visit a seaside resort owned by Minami's older brother, Wataru, where they meet Minami's dolphin friend, Tina, and learn more about her aspirations to carry on the family business. Pained by the bonds shared between Minami and her brother, Twilight has Lock target Wataru to create an Orca Zetsuborg, while Shut creates Octopus Zetsuborg to fight against Haruka and Kirara, who learn of a Dress-Up Key nearby. As Minami struggles against the Orca Zetsuborg, she is protected by Tina, who
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