F*ck That's Delicious : Season 2

    • Air date: 01 Sep '16 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. In the Garden, to the Moon

    • In Melbourne, Action and Mayhem try simple Italian fare. In Sydney, appetites for fried chicken and natural wine reach new heights. Bronson cooks with renowned chef shewry.

    2. The Other City by the Sea

    • Where does Action go to dive for razor fish, learn a new wagyu beef recipe, and cruise in a drop-top Cadillac? The answer: the most isolated city in the world- Perth!

    3. My Fair Bagel

    • Action makes his mighty return to Auckland, introducing Meyhem to his favorite burger truck. Between bagels and pork shanks, he debuts a new song in a sweaty strip club.

    4. The Gang's All Here

    • The whole crew is reunited in Hawaii in a celebration of short ribs and boogie boarding.

    5. Ancient Feelings Stirred

    • Action flamenco dances, dabs, and makes paella with his best friends.

    6. A Love Like Wine

    • Roskilde Festival brings the crew to Copenhagen. Action creates an Octopus Taco, Meyhem cooks fish, and Al is on his best behavior.

    7. The Ceasar Brothers

    • The crew embark on a culinary tour of the Italian Peninsula, where they sample shellfish in Naples, dine at one of the world's best restaurants and eat Roman street food with chef Mario Batali.

    8. Durag vs. Bronco

    • Action shoots a video featuring Big Body Bes on a white horse; when not engaged in equine rap scenarios the two eat their way from West Hollywood to Watts.

    9. A New York Winter Fling

    • Let Action Bronson show you how to eat on a winter's day. On this episode the FTD crew take on a culinary world tour while never leaving NYC.

    10. Bay Area Romp

    • Legendary Soul Food, Explosive Chicken, A Love Filled Burmese Restaurant, inventive California Cuisine, and Beer. We got it all on this episode of FTD.

    11. Everybody Loves Chicago

    • The cast of FTD thoroughly indulges in all of Chicago's culinary offerings. Action and the gang hit up everything from Michelin starred restaurants to Polish festivals.

    12. Japan, Here We Come

    • Witness Action Bronson's first time in the land of the rising sun. Bronson, along with The Alchemist and Meyhem Lauren, handle a variety of cuisines, rap, and sumo wrestling.