• Air date: 24 Dec '84 22 episodes
      The Fraggles are a fun-loving community of creatures who live in a subterranean fantasy land where they love to play, sing and dance their cares away, sharing their world with the tiny Doozers and the giant Gorgs. The series teaches empathy and tolerance and encourages children to understand people different from themselves.
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. The Bells of Fraggle Rock

      24 Dec '84
      It's time for the Festival of the Bells, but the holiday has lost its meaning for Gobo.
    • 2. Red Handed and Invisible Thief

      07 Jan '85
      Someone has stolen Red's radish bars, and she's going to find the thief if it's the last thing she ever does!
    • 3. Boober and the Glob

      14 Jan '85
      It's Joke Day, and Boober's escape from it is interrupted when a large, pink Glob arrives in the Great Hall.
    • 4. The Grapes of Generosity

      21 Jan '85
      When Gobo finds some Grapes of Generosity, he finds he's not as generous as he thought.
    • 5. Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe

      28 Jan '85
      Mokey's made too many promises, and forgotten most of them; the most serious of which was to knit a new tarpaulin for the Trash Heap before the first big snow.
    • 6. Pebble Pox Blues

      04 Feb '85
      Gobo has the Pebble Pox, and Boober and Wembley must go to the Cave of Shadows to get the cure.
    • 7. Home Is Where the Trash Is

      11 Feb '85
      Philo and Gunge decide to go home. If only they knew where it was!
    • 8. Believe It or Not

      18 Feb '85
      Red and Wembley find a creature who can be whatever anyone believes he is, but when the Gorgs think there's a monster in the basement, things get ugly.
    • 9. Wembley and the Mean Genie

      25 Feb '85
      Wembley discovers a magic bottle, but the Genie inside is a mean one.
    • 10. The Secret Society of Poohbahs

      04 Mar '85
      Mokey is thrilled and over-anxious when asked to join the Secret Society of Poohbahs, but Red thinks she's taking it too seriously.
    • 11. The Beanbarrow, the Burden and the Bright Bouquet

      11 Mar '85
      Red and Mokey are a team in the All-Day, Cross-Cave Beanbarrow Finals, until an emergency causes a change of plans.
    • 12. Gobo's School for Explorers

      18 Mar '85
      Gobo decides to start a school for explorers. On their first journey, Gobo blindly follows Matt's instructions and ignores his own instincts, to the detriment of all.
    • 13. Scared Silly

      25 Mar '85
      Boober is testing beluviouses (Fraggle tails, which flair out when a Fraggle is scared). Wembley wants to get even and scare Boober back, but things go too far... or do they?
    • 14. The Great Radish Caper

      01 Apr '85
      Junior Gorg's only friend is a huge radish named Geraldine, a fact which he discovers thanks to Mokey.
    • 15. Born to Wander

      08 Apr '85
      The Storyteller tells the story of how Traveling Matt became an explorer.
    • 16. The Battle of Leaking Roof

      15 Apr '85
      Ma wants Pa Gorg to fix the hole in the roof before the storm comes, but Pa is afraid of heights (though he won't admit it).
    • 17. Playing Till It Hurts

      22 Apr '85
      Red escapes from her sickbed to play hockey before her visiting sports idol, Rock Hockey Hannah.
    • 18. Bored Stiff

      29 Apr '85
      Pa Gorg decides to rid his and Ma's "Kissing Rock" of Fraggles once and for all with the Boredom Juice that Junior found, but things go horribly wrong.
    • 19. The Cavern of Lost Dreams

      06 May '85
      Cotterpin Doozer gets Gobo to help her find the Cavern of Lost Dreams, the original Doozer cave.
    • 20. The Incredible Shrinking Mokey

      13 May '85
      When Mokey befriends a magical creature named Begoony, she finds his demands on her to be too great.
    • 21. A Dark and Stormy Night

      20 May '85
      Ma and Pa Gorg go on an overnight trip, leaving Junior alone in the castle for the first time. Meanwhile, Gobo thinks that all the Gorgs have gone on vacation, so he decides to explore their castle.
    • 22. Gunge the Great and Glorious

      27 May '85
      When the Doozers think Gunge is their long lost king, his relationship with Philo is in jeopardy.