• Air date: 02 Jan '84 24 episodes
      The Fraggles are a fun-loving community of creatures who live in a subterranean fantasy land where they love to play, sing and dance their cares away, sharing their world with the tiny Doozers and the giant Gorgs. The series teaches empathy and tolerance and encourages children to understand people different from themselves.
  • List of Episodes (24)
    • 1. Wembley's Egg

      02 Jan '84
      Wembley tries to take care of a baby Tree Creature when its egg falls down the well and into the Fraggle Pond.
    • 2. Boober Rock

      09 Jan '84
      Boober's had enough of the noise of Fraggle Rock, so he moves to the Caves of Boredom.
    • 3. The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore

      16 Jan '84
      Ma Gorg wants a gazebo, so Junior has to get rid of the Trash Heap. Wembley and Boober have to figure out how to save her by themselves.
    • 4. Red's Sea Monster

      23 Jan '84
      Red is jealous of Gobo, until she discovers a sea monster in Fraggle Rock.
    • 5. Uncle Matt Comes Home

      30 Jan '84
      Gobo's Uncle Matt comes home, but friction between them makes it a less than happy reunion.
    • 6. Boober's Dream

      06 Feb '84
      Boober's fun side (his Sidebottom) wants to play!
    • 7. Mokey and the Minstrels

      13 Feb '84
      Mokey decides that she wants to be a minstrel.
    • 8. All Work and All Play

      20 Feb '84
      Cotterpin Doozer doesn't want to get her helmet and become a full-fledged Doozer worker. She wants to be a Fraggle!
    • 9. Sir Hubris and the Gorgs

      27 Feb '84
      Gobo and the gang trick the Gorgs into leaving the castle by impersonating the legendary Sir Hubris.
    • 10. A Friend in Need

      05 Mar '84
      Sprocket gets stuck in the hole between Outer Space and the Rock and Gobo has to help him.
    • 11. The Wizard of Fraggle Rock

      12 Mar '84
      The Wizard, the shiftiest Fraggle in the Rock, has an ulterior motive in trading identities with Wembley.
    • 12. The Doozer Contest

      19 Mar '84
      Flange and Modem Doozer get involved in a building competition (something the Doozers haven't had for many years).
    • 13. Red's Club

      26 Mar '84
      Red wants to be the leader, so she decides to start a club. When the idea takes off without her, Red finds herself with a club consisting of herself and Cotterpin Doozer.
    • 14. The Secret of Convincing John

      02 Apr '84
      Wembley can never make up his mind, until he gets Convincing John to help him.
    • 15. Manny's Land of Carpets

      09 Apr '84
      When Gobo finds Doc's radio, the messages that come from it threaten to destroy the unity of the Fraggles.
    • 16. Junior Sells the Farm

      16 Apr '84
      Junior is tricked into selling the castle by the insidious Wander McMooch.
    • 17. Fraggle Wars

      23 Apr '84
      While camping far from home, Mokey and Red discover a band of Fraggles who are humorless and cruel. After Mokey is captured, both sides get ready for war!
    • 18. The Day the Music Died

      30 Apr '84
      Gobo's writing of the Glory Song is interrupted when the Ditsies, the creatures whose bodies supply light to Fraggle Rock, start dying.
    • 19. Doomsday Soup

      07 May '84
      Boober accidentally creates a magical soup when he throws out old laundry water and a failed radish gumbo.
    • 20. A Cave of One's Own

      14 May '84
      Red and Mokey decide to find a cave and live together.
    • 21. Wembley and the Great Race

      21 May '84
      Wembley and Gobo's friendship is strained when Wembley beats Gobo in a race.
    • 22. Doozer Is as Doozer Does

      28 May '84
      Wrench Doozer meets strong peer pressure when the other Doozers in his team start ""flooping"".
    • 23. Boober's Quiet Day

      04 Jun '84
      Boober's relaxation is disturbed when his alter-ego Sidebottom shows up and puts some excitement in his day.
    • 24. The Invasion of the Toe Ticklers

      11 Jun '84
      When Mokey brings a big furry caterpillar to the Rock to save her from the Gorgs, she has no idea what she's in for.