• Air date: 08 Oct '95 9 episodes
      Fallen Angels is an American neo-noir anthology television series that ran from 1993 to 1995 on the Showtime pay cable station and was produced by Propaganda Films. No first-run episodes were shown in 1994. The series was executive produced by Sydney Pollack and produced by Steve Golin and others. The theme song was written by Elmer Bernstein and the original music was written by Peter Bernstein. Period torch songs by performers like Patti Page and Billie Holiday were used periodically. In Europe, the show is known as Perfect Crimes and shown in France on Canal +, and in England.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Love and Blood

      08 Oct '95
      A dissatisfied boxer's wife leaves her husband for another man. But she wants to give the marriage another chance. However, fate touches Matt Cordell when he is framed for a murder.
    • 2. The Professional Man

      15 Oct '95
      Johnny Lamb is an elevator man by day and a hit man by night. He's very good at his job; he's a professional. The Boss sends him on a job that makes Lamb confront his conscience, maybe for the first time. The episode has interesting male relationships seldom touched in hard-boiled novels nor found in film noir.
    • 3. A Dime a Dance

      22 Oct '95
      A police detective investigates the untimely death of a nightclub dancer but the investigation is called off by the brass. The problem: the killer is still loose.
    • 4. Good Housekeeping

      29 Oct '95
      In the noir world you never know how certain people can change your life forever. A woman is transformed when she falls for a wise guy.
    • 5. Tomorrow I Die

      05 Nov '95
      In pure noir fashion, where fatalism plays it's untimely hand, Hollywood actor Rich Thurber gets off the bus and enters a bar to take drink. The bar is then abruptly taken over by bank thieves. The hoods mistake Rich for a local politician and take him and Carol, the daughter of Los Angeles' top cop, for a ride they won't soon forget. Look for a surprising and riveting end.
    • 6. The Black Bargain

      19 Nov '95
      It's the nature of noir never to know who your friends are. A mobster is hiding out in a hotel room and one by one his thug friends abandon him.
    • 7. Fly Paper

      30 Oct '95
      A well known socialite is missing and the famed shamus, the Continental Op, is on the trail in this story that takes place in 1929. The case takes the Continental Op to blackmail and murder.
    • 8. Red Wind

      26 Nov '95
      Famed Los Angeles private dick Marlowe investigates a series of murders in noir fashion.
    • 9. Fearless

      12 Nov '95
      In a tale that takes place in south-central Los Angeles, Fearless Jones and Paris Minton become involved with a femme fatale nightclub jazz singer. They try to help out Deletha by planning to steal her singing contract from the nightclub manager. Not all go as the wily sleuths planned.