• Air date: 01 Aug '93 6 episodes
      Fallen Angels is an American neo-noir anthology television series that ran from 1993 to 1995 on the Showtime pay cable station and was produced by Propaganda Films. No first-run episodes were shown in 1994. The series was executive produced by Sydney Pollack and produced by Steve Golin and others. The theme song was written by Elmer Bernstein and the original music was written by Peter Bernstein. Period torch songs by performers like Patti Page and Billie Holiday were used periodically. In Europe, the show is known as Perfect Crimes and shown in France on Canal +, and in England.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Dead End for Delia

      01 Aug '93
      Detective Kelley is called to investigate a murder and we discover his wife Delia, a dance-hall hostess, has been murdered. We learn Kelley's past invovement with Delia and what happened via a very convoluted point-of-view. The story ends in true hard-boiled fashion. Oldman delivers a bravura performance--a must-see. He gives evidence that he's one of cinemas finest actors.
    • 2. I'll Be Waiting

      15 Aug '93
      Eve Cressy is a gangster's moll who awaits the return of her lover from prison. She meets Tony Reseck, the hotel dick, whose attempt to protect her end in violence.
    • 3. The Quiet Room

      29 Aug '93
      In the 1940's and 1950's some members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had more interests than their slogan suggests: to protect and to serve. In this episode sadistic Streeter and brutal Creighton are corrupt cops whose antics lead to a nasty and tragic end when a shakedown plan goes awry.
    • 4. The Frightening Frammis

      05 Sep '93
      We meet our anti-hero, grifter Mitch Allison, disheveled and walking by the side of the road. He tells us in a flash back narrative how he stole $25,000 from his con-artist wife Bette and jumped on a train hoping to double the money in a scam. He meets sultry Babe and gets involved in more than he bargained for. The twists and turns never stop in this fast paced tale.
    • 5. Murder Obliquely

      19 Sep '93
      Annie, in true noir fashion, fatalistically falls in love with a millionaire who is quite bewitched by another lover and is not afraid to show it. In flashback narrative Annie explains that she met Dwight six weeks earlier and soon we understand Dwight's total obsession with ""the other woman."" How far will Dwight go to win and keep the love of his adored Bernette? What must Annie do to win Dwight's love?
    • 6. Since I Don't Have You

      26 Sep '93
      In this comic noir, fixer-bag-man Buzz Meeks is hired by both of his bosses--the multi-talented Howard Hughes and the gangster Mickey Cohen--to find, oops, the same girl whom they have both fallen madly in love with. This quite hilarious episode, narrated by ""Buzz"" in flashback, is peppered with many tales about the characters that made Los Angeles in the 1950's so incredibly interesting. Please suspend your disbelief in this episode and enjoy the ride.