• Air date: 17 May '10 50 episodes
      The Cartel follows ten friends, all of them members of a dangerous drug cartel, whose ambition for power and money will cause them to eventually kill each other. For it is an undeniable truth that, in this business, you always lose.
  • List of Episodes (50)
    • 1. Episode 1

      17 May '10
      As drug lords Don Mario and el Cabo begin a gang war, Buñuelo and Pirulo are jailed, and Pepe is freed on probation following his arrest in Miami.
    • 2. Episode 2

      Pepe strikes a deal with a DEA agent to avoid extradition, while Raymundo listens in on his boss's girlfriend's calls, and Juan B leaves for Colombia.
    • 3. Episode 3

      Raymundo informs his boss about his girlfriend's calls, while Don Mario plots to kill Caremotor, and Pepe threatens some thugs staked out on his land.
    • 4. Episode 4

      Don Mario searches for Caremotor, threatening anyone who might hide his prey. Pirulo talks to Luis Fernando, a Brazilian capo, about a prison escape.
    • 5. Episode 5

      After police find a stack of cash in his car, Vironcha sends his family away. Paredón plots a murder, while Mario's men target Guillo.
    • 6. Episode 6

      Pepe buys a rifle in preparation for a showdown over his land, while Pirulo readies to escape prison. Vironcha hides Paredón in a friend's house.
    • 7. Episode 7

      Peter congratulates Pepe on his informant work, while Juan B names Rocky the head of border distribution. Valderrama is delivered to the police.
    • 8. Episode 8

      Madero discovers Caremotor is sending drugs by submarine, while Pepe strikes a deal with Farid. Pirulo learns his accountant surrendered to police.
    • 9. Episode 9

      Larissa discovers her husband has a mistress, while Racines moves into el Puma's house. Madero learns Caremotor's sub coordinates.
    • 10. Episode 10

      Larissa flees Caliche's house, but he sends Antenas to find her. Police assault Caremotor at his hideout, while Pepe plans to meet with Farid.
    • 11. Episode 11

      While Madero follows Caremotor to Ecuador, Cabo instructs John to kill four informants in the U.S., and Pirulo and Luis ready to escape prison.
    • 12. Episode 12

      Their breakout a bust, Pirulo and Luis are detained in jail while Farid is arrested by the DEA. Rocky rescues Johana and her aunt from sexual assault.
    • 13. Episode 13

      Farid helps the DEA, sharing tips about Puma and Negrete. Olano clears out Pepe's ranch, while Cabo holes up in a hotel hosting a modeling contest.
    • 14. Episode 14

      In Ecuador, Madero finally catches Caremotor, while the paramilitary try to nab Puma in Colombia. Racines and Andrea continue their affair.
    • 15. Episode 15

      Caremotor is sent to Colombia for prosecution, while Zully's husband threatens her at the clinic and Cabo becomes interested in model Vicky.
    • 16. Episode 16

      In Colombia, Caremotor learns that his family was murdered by Mario's men. Puma tries to kill his wife.
    • 17. Episode 17

      Raymundo begins working with the DEA to trap Caliche, his boss, while Mario learns about Racines' affair and goes in search of his nemesis, Cabo.
    • 18. Episode 18

      Mario shows up at the modeling contest, ready to kill Cabo. Zully strikes a deal with the prosecutor to incriminate Oliver, but the dealer escapes.
    • 19. Episode 19

      Cabo flees after a shootout at a bar, Rocky and Johanna grow closer and Madero captures a key player.
    • 20. Episode 20

      Caremotor's testimony puts Pájarraco behind bars, while Zully's tips lead to Oliver's capture by the DEA. Buñuelo's wife arranges for his jailbreak.
    • 21. Episode 21

      Pepe flees to Anestesia's place, staying one step ahead of Rocky's hitmen, while Madero worries that his partner may be involved with the traffickers.
    • 22. Episode 22

      While Andrea surrenders to the DEA to get her son back and El Pajarraco offers to become an informant, XL and Rocky recover their confiscated drugs.
    • 23. Episode 23

      El Pájarraco tells Madero and Agent Peter about Teto's and Mario's operations, while Antena reveals information on boss Caliche's drug shipments.
    • 24. Episode 24

      Plagued by stomach pain, Cabo visits his doctor, who speculates that he may have colon cancer. Pepe and Anestesia confer with the DEA agent.
    • 25. Episode 25

      Madero captures Don Teto, while Antenas aids the DEA in confiscating Caliche's merchandise in the Bahamas, and Caliche arranges to flee his home.