EastEnders : Season 11

    • Air date: 02 Jan '95 157 episodes
  • List of Episodes (157)

    1. January 2, 1995

    2. January 3, 1995

    • Pat is busy juggling work and family commitments and she is forced to entrust a responsible task to David. Della's behaviour drives Steve to the end of his tether. Della gets a shock when Steve reaches the end of his tether. David's obsession threatens to drag him under. And Ruth's good news makes Michelle feel inadequate.

    3. January 5, 1995

    • An invitation to a wedding causes a ripple of excitement and confusion at the Jacksons', but Carol appears to be less enthusiastic about it than the rest of her family. Ricky gives Natalie a lesson in car mechanics and receives a favour in return. Pat's courage is tested at the Vic - will anyone come to her aid when things turn nasty? Nosy Nellie learns a few home truths when she makes an unpleasant discovery.

    4. January 9, 1995

    • Secrets have always been a large part of the Square, and letting the cat out of the bag is an EastEnders tradition. Ever since Grant spilled the beans on Sharon and Phil to the whole of the Queen Vic, it's been all quiet on the revelations front, until Carol prepares to tell a few of her own home truths. Whatever she's got on her mind, rest assured the first few weeks of 1995 are going to be far from peaceful. Meanwhile, Binnie shows the jealous side of her nature and Nellie fishes for sympath

    5. January 10, 1995

    • David wants to be a sugar daddy and Gita admits she can't be a supermum. Steve pretends to be an agony aunt: The relationship between Della and Binnie has hit a bit of a rough patch recently and Steve uses the strained situation between them to his advantage. Michelle is moping around the Square, feeling irritated at being the focal point of everybody's advice. So she decides to take her frustrations out on Grant.

    6. January 12, 1995

    • Steve takes Della out and makes a serious error of judgement. David tells Pat that the deal with Barry Evans at Manor Wood Motors is about to go through. Natalie develops an interest in car maintenance. Ruth and Mark discuss getting a place of their own.

    7. January 16, 1995

    • Nellie has a visit from the council, David tries to put Pat under pressure, and Della tries to put Steve straight.

    8. January 17, 1995

    • Carol calls a family conference and decides that honesty is the best policy, Della comes clean to Binnie about her relationship with Steve, Debbie gets involved with Sanjay's gambling exploits and Pauline and Arthur discuss what to do about the 'Nellie situation'.

    9. January 19, 1995

    • Celebrations are in order for the Fowler clan when Michelle has some good news to share. Kathy has a bad day in the café when everyone offers her help and advice. Ricky is furious when the Jackson kids prepare for a good time and Bianca and Robbie clash.

    10. January 23, 1995

    • Pat finally succumbs to the attentions of car dealer Roy Evans. (but not completely) She takes with her a chaperone, and quite right too, you can't trust a car dealer as far as you can throw him. I mean, look at her own son! Sanjay learns that when it comes to Gita, honesty is certainly the best policy. Bianca plans the party of the century, Pauline gives Arthur an earful and Steve makes Della an offer she can't refuse.

    11. January 24, 1995

    • With Alan and Carol out of the way at Carol's cousin's wedding, Bianca, Ricky and Natalie get ready to party, but wish they had been more selective with their guest list. Pat is still wary of Roy, but will she heed Kathy's advice? Debbie is surprised by Gita's frankness, while things get busier at the salon much to Della's delight.

    12. January 26, 1995

    • Robbie and trusty hound Well'ard face up to the morning after, with news of the Jacksons' party doing the rounds of the Albert Square gossips. Steve gets a futuristic vision involving Kathy, Pat journeys into Roy's past and Arthur has an unpleasant ailment.

    13. January 30, 1995

    • At last Michelle has a job, and deservedly so, after all her hard work. She's working for the council and boy, is she excited about her first day. And to round it all off, Geoff plans a surprise for her. Pat decides to keep Roy at arms length, while Bianca shoves Ricky further out of her life when she decides to go out on the town (without him). Binnie takes up an apprenticeship.

    14. January 31, 1995

    • Natalie is left out in the cold by Bianca's new friend, whilst Ricky gets taken for a ride. Arthur thinks Geoff is taking advantage and Steve is promoting the all-night café.

    15. February 2, 1995

    • Bianca and Tiffany cause a stir, while Natalie and Ricky have a night to remember when they share their feelings about how Bianca's been treating them. Binnie finds it hard to cope at the salon, but is determined to prove to Della that she can do the job. Mark gets a special birthday gift, and Roy confides in Kathy about his feelings for Pat.

    16. February 6, 1995

    • Natalie's walking on air, Bianca's nursing a hangover and Ricky doesn't know where to turn. Steve hopes to impress Tiffany with his glamorous new venture.

    17. February 7, 1995

    • Ricky gets in deeper than ever when he tries to get his love life in order. Pauline is feeling guilty about Nellie, so Arthur decides to take drastic measures, while Robbie's new career surprises Carol.

    18. February 9, 1995

    • Nellie and Ethel eschew their bus passes and head to the Vic for a girls' night out. Geoff drinks Arthur under the table, and Pauline wonders why. Roy admires Pat's famous hot-pot.

    19. February 13, 1995

    • Ricky finds himself caught between two women and agrees to make a choice between them, while Nigel prepares for Valentine's Day with a bulk purchase and a cast-iron idea for making money out of love. Nellie's poorly condition alarms the Fowlers and Debbie gives Sanjay some romantic encouragement.

    20. February 14, 1995

    • It may be Valentine's Day, but Carol is annoyed with Alan, Ricky spreads his love too thin and Geoff's romantic dinner gets out of hand.

    21. February 16, 1995

    • Ethel's 80th birthday celebrations at the Queen Vic cause some confusion but Pauline and Arthur use the occasion to make peace with Nellie. Pauline is mixed up about Michelle and Bianca catches Ricky in the act.

    22. February 20, 1995

    • Kathy and Phil are keen to spend more time with each other, but when she pays him a visit pushy Peggy is there, which is hardly likely to do wonders for anybody's love-life. Ricky is desperate to see Bianca, but when the little madam proves to be evasive, he seeks solace elsewhere. Nigel is devastated to discover that in the eyes of his daughter and her friends, he's not the man he though he was.

    23. February 21, 1995

    • Ricky gives Natalie a nasty surprise, Grant advises Nigel on how to be a man and Pat gets a taste of the real Roy.

    24. February 23, 1995

    • Natalie says goodbye to the Square, Arthur finds he must drive Nellie to her home, and Nigel stares violence in the face.

    25. February 27, 1995

    • Kathy and Phil are making plans for their reunion on his return to Walford but Peggy's intervention doesn't help. Michelle reveals some more of her past to Geoff. Poor Ricky gets laughed at by Mark when he reveals the complexities of his love life.