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      Air date: 04 Feb '20 32 episodes
      Class of 2020 is an enthralling journey of each character who are on their separate paths of life and the story explores how they define their choices, how convoluted their life is and how they deal with it. It is a gamut of confusions and perplexities, love and desire, choices and dilemmas mixed with an ensemble of grey characters who perfectly depict the confused state of today’s millennials.
      Class of 2020 season 1 has 32 episodes. It is a drama, romance web-series starring Sushant Tanwar, Rohan Mehra, Alam Khan and Joyeeta Chatterjee. It is created by Vikas Gupta. Season 1 for Class of 2020 aired on 04 Feb '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform ALTBalaji.
  • List of Episodes (32)
    • It's the start of the academic year at De Nobili High School. On the first day a bus full of crazies enter the gates. It's a rough start as one student is thrown out of the school on the very first day.
    • 2. No One Will Believe You

      04 Feb '20
      Lucky is dejected. He begs Aalia to not break up with her. In desperation he attempts suicide. All the students rush to the hospital. Lucky's family threatens to sue the school. Meanwhile, Lucky's long held desire finally gets fulfilled.
    • 3. Welcome To Class Of 2020

      04 Feb '20
      A 'first day party' is organized for the students of De Nobili. When loner Priyanka decides to attend the party, her mother encourages her to stay out till late. Hardik is unable to attend as he gets held up in the café. But he is glad as he meets Zoey, a new girl in his neighbourhood.
    • 4. Not Everything Is As It Seems

      02 Apr '20
      Hardik reaches school in the hopes of impressing his new friend Zoey. But to his shock she already knows all his friends. Now, Zoey becomes the hottest girl in the school. Meanwhile, Ranchi manages to get her boyfriend back.
    • 5. Happy Birthday Toto

      04 Feb '20
      Toto steals money from his parents' room to throw a party to celebrate his Birthday. A girl invites him to the girl's washroom for some action. But he ends up making a fool of himself. Aalia proves to be a good friend and consoles him.
    • 6. Forty-Five Minutes

      04 Feb '20
      The party continues. Hardik tries to get Zoey's attention throughout the party but another guy manages to impress her. Priyanka arrives at the party, surprising everyone. She meets a friend from her past. Ranchi's BF gets insecure when he doesn't find her around.
    • 7. Of Mothers and Daughters

      04 Feb '20
      Aalia is unable to get in touch with Ranchi. She even skips school. Even her BF is clueless about it. Hardik continues to get Zoey's attention. Zoey on the other hand, tells Ibrahim to not make unnecessary advances at her.
    • 8. How Was Your Date?

      04 Feb '20
      Zoey catches Ibrahim making out with another girl. She gets mad at both Hardik and Ibrahim for playing with her feelings. Toto begins to like Aalia. Meanwhile, Aalia goes on a date with the rich and handsome Sahil.
    • 9. Parents Of 2020

      04 Feb '20
      Aalia is unable to get in touch with Ranchi. Its parents-teachers meeting at the De Nobili High School. Ranchi's mother forces her to shift to Kolkata. She sends everyone goodbye texts. Priyanka's mom is excited to meet her daughter's classmates. Meanwhile, Aalia is shocked to see her mother agree to go on a date with Sahil.
    • 10. I Will Be Your Driver

      04 Feb '20
      Ranchi is surprised to see her attendance with a 100 % record. Her mother warns her of serious consequences if she ever tries to talk to Aalia again. Aalia's mother insults her in front of the whole school. A hurt Aalia accepts Toto's proposal, but with a condition.
    • 11. Beginning Of The End

      04 Feb '20
      Priyanka's behaviour increasingly worries her mother. Aalia and Toto discuss the terms of their relationship. Everyone is shocked to see Aalia and Toto together. Priyanka and Ibrahim agree to help each other look for their lost items. They come across a very disturbing CCTV footage.
    • 12. Repercussions of Ignorance

      14 Feb '20
      A police investigation begins in the school over the gun violence. Anmol tries to save his younger son and requests his elder son to take all the blame. He feels his father is being discriminative. But a surprising turn of events saves the school as well as the students' reputation.
    • 13. Sports Day 2018 vs 2020

      14 Feb '20
      Its annual sports day 2020. Everyone recalls sweet memories from the sports day of 2018. But Priyanka has only bitter memories from that day. Since that year, she has never participated in the annual sports day.
    • 14. Relations 2018 vs 2020

      14 Feb '20
      Some things change for better, while some for worse. Students of Di Nobili High reflect upon some old and new friendships. Meanwhile, Priyanka is forced to change her calm demeanor, when she bumps into someone, she had a tiff with.
    • 15. Night That Changed Everything

      14 Feb '20
      Why are some relations the way they are? Why is there so much tension at De Nobili High? It all goes back two years ago. A wild party goes wrong. Several friendships and trust broke. Will the students commit similar mistakes even in 2020?
    • 16. Men Don't Cry

      14 Feb '20
      The party was just the beginning of all the troubles. The year 2018 had a lot in store for the students of De Nobili High. They were forced to face the harsh realities of their lives. Priyanka had to see her brother taken away from her. Whereas Hardik learned that his granny is everything to him.
    • 17. Ibrahim Ki Duniya

      14 Feb '20
      Everyone gathers at Ibrahim's place to celebrate Eid. Ibrahim eagerly waits for Zoey to arrive. But his old flame Ghazala is also present. Later, his grandmother catches the two making out with each other. Meanwhile, Priyanka asks Zoey to choose between Hardik and Ibrahim.
    • 18. Dosti Ya Pyaar

      14 Feb '20
      The girls decide to gather at Aalia's place for a pajama party. The boys make a plan to crash it. Ibrahim has some inclination to make Zoey intimate with him but Hardik is adamant to stop him in his tracks.
    • 19. Pyjama Party

      14 Feb '20
      The boys participate in the girls' pyjama party. Everyone plays a game of truth or dare. It leads to some serious fun. The dares keep getting riskier and riskier as Ronak risks school expulsion for the sake of the dare.
    • 20. Truth Brings Dare

      17 Feb '20
      The game of Truth or Dare continues. Now it leads to some serious revelations. Zoey learns the real side of Ibrahim. Later Hardik and Ibrahim end up fighting with each other.
    • 21. Beginning of Another End

      17 Feb '20
      Things between Ronak and Ibrahim take a turn for the worst. Aalia's mom invites her boyfriend for a double date. Meanwhile, Ranchi gets caught in the act by her sister. To save herself she creates a foolproof crazy plan along with Ibrahim.
    • 22. I need to talk to you

      24 Feb '20
      The class teacher has an important announcement to make. The school is busy rehearsing for the upcoming play "Asweekar". Zoey seeks out Ibrahim regarding the pregnancy test.
    • 23. Helplessness

      24 Feb '20
      Hardik pays a visit to Ibrahim to make him understand the depth of the situation, but to no avail. Toto and Aalia are out on a double dinner date with Hina and Sahil, Sahil leaves in the middle of his meal due to some urgent work. Ketki meets a man on her way home.
    • 24. Not all men are jerks

      24 Feb '20
      Hardik tells Ketki about Zoey's problems. Hina, Aalia, and Sahil gather for breakfast, and things immediately turn bad for Hina when Sahil gets infuriated as the breakfast is not for his liking. Hardik pays a visit to Zoey and saves the day with the solution he figured out with Ketki.
    • 25. Love, Sex aur Dhokha

      24 Feb '20
      Hardik seeks out Nani as he needs advice over a decision. Ranchi donates a dress to Palak for Zoey's birthday party and pays a visit to Ronit. Neel catches Ronit and Ranchi in action. Anmol explains Neel about the relationship between couples. Hina finds out the truth about Toto and Aalia.