• Rhyme and her friends — known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" — have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
      Chicken Girls season 5 has 11 episodes. It is a comedy, drama web-series starring Brooke Elizabeth Butler , Riley Lewis , Dylan Conrique and Indiana Massara. The release date is not decided yet and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • It's a new semester at Attaway and that means new drama... and new crushes.
    • Rhyme's cousin, Astrid takes revisits her past in Attaway. Meanwhile, Rooney begins to question the state of her love life.
    • Quinn has a tough time moving on after her break-up with Hamilton. Meanwhile, new texts shed light on Rooney's dilemma with Stephanie.
    • 4. Game Day

      24 Sep '19
      Tensions rise in Attaway as Rhyme adjusts to being in the shadow of her cousin's newfound popularity and Ty steps back on the football field after a season-ending injury.
    • It's a whirlwind day in Attaway. Rhyme and Astrid try to set aside their disagreements, Rooney looks for a way to cope with her heartbreak and burgeoning identity, and Ellie does her best to help Quinn get over Hamilton.
    • It's a whirlwind of drama in Attaway as Rooney tries to patch things up with two of the people she cares about most and Rhyme does her best to put family before feels. .CHECK OUT MUSIC FROM THIS EPISODE!
    • 7. Houseguests

      15 Oct '19
      Astrid's mother comes to visit and brings more baggage than Rhyme could've anticipated. Meanwhile, Birdie and Rooney deal with the confusing reality of their relationships... in very different ways. .CHECK OUT MUSIC FROM THIS EPISODE!
    • Birdie gets caught between a rock and a hard place when an old flame reappears and brings some painful memories along with him. Meanwhile, Rooney receives good news that could set her down a new (much happier) path.
    • It's a special spooky Halloween edition of Chicken Girls! Astrid tells a scary story that sends shivers down everyone's spines... but when the story gets a little too real, so does the drama...
    • The truth comes out when Rooney makes an important announcement in front of everyone at her photo gallery -- and Rhyme confronts her own drama.
    • 11. Season 5

      12 Nov '19
      With drama on and off the field, this Thanksgiving's annual Attaway baseball game proves to be more than memorable... and for one of the girls, Christmas comes a little early with the gift of a beloved family member. .Did you like the song @ 11:26-13:36?