• Air date: 19 Mar '19 11 episodes
      Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But this year, everything's changing.
      Chicken Girls season 4 has 11 episodes. It is a comedy, drama web-series starring Brooke Elizabeth Butler , Riley Lewis , Dylan Conrique and Indiana Massara. Season 4 for Chicken Girls aired on 19 Mar '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • The Chicken Girls are assigned an economics project, which causes some drama between the squad.
    • 4. The Stench

      09 Apr '19
      The Attaway Appeal investigates a mysterious school-wide stench.
    • 5. Cancelled

      16 Apr '19
      The Chicken Girls are fed up with the boys in their lives.
    • Rooney's birthday party provokes a whirlwind of break-ups and make-ups.
    • The romantic confusion between Rhyme, Rooney, and Drake reaches a tipping point. .#Brat #ChickenGirls
    • 8. No Escape

      07 May '19
      Quinn invites Rhyme, Luna, and the girls to an Escape Room with one condition: they will only be able to escape if they can set their differences aside and work together. Meanwhile, Robbie and the boys have their own emotionally charged bro-time. Only time will tell if this raw honesty will bring everyone closer - or cause so much drama that it drives them apart. Forever.
    • 9. Season 4

      14 May '19
      It’s a Battle of the Classes and tempers flare on and off the field between Rhyme & Ezra, Ty & Luna, and Rooney & Drake. Also - be on the lookout for a new (but familiar) face in the halls of Attaway High!
    • Attaway's pageant for boys has Ezra, Hamilton, Jax (Alex Guzman), and Tim vying for the title of Mr. Attaway. While competition heats up on-stage, off-stage, Rhyme and Rooney begin reconsidering the state of their relationships.
    • The season finale of Chicken Girls finds Rhyme taking a hard look at her relationship with Ezra while Rooney considers a new love interest.