Beyblade: Metal Fusion : Season 1

    • Air date: 15 May '10 51 episodes
  • List of Episodes (51)

    1. Pegasus has Landed

    • Gingka saves Kenta and is challenged to an uneven battle.

    2. Leone's Roar!

    • Madoka fights Kyoya with a broken bey Pegasus; Kyoya receives a strange visitor, who makes an enticing offer.

    3. The Wolf's Ambition!

    • Kenta challenges Gingka; Kyoya loses a battle and must leave with his opponent to train.

    4. Charge! Bull Power

    • Doji has a gift for Benkei, who later battles Gingka.

    5. Vengeful Gasher

    • Gingka is forced to battle a crab-obsessed villain who has kidnapped Madoka.

    6. Aquario's Challenge

    • Kenta poses as Gingka for a fight with Hikaru.

    7. It's Our Special Move! Saggitario

    • Benkei mentors Kenta, who wants a rematch with Hikaru; Madoka helps Kenta develop a special move.

    8. Merci's Dangerous Trap

    • Kyoya must prove himself during a challenge set up by Doji; Gingka thinks he's on a game show, but he's really being monitored by a computer.

    9. Leone's Counterattack

    • Kyoya battles Benkei; Gingka challenges Hikaru.

    10. Heated Battle! Gingka Versus Kyoya

    • Gingka battles Kyoya, who creates a tornado that rips through the city.

    11. Chase the Wolf

    • Gingka hunts for Doji at the Dark Nebula headquarters.

    12. Infiltrate the Dark Nebula's Castle

    • Merci sets traps for the gang inside the castle; Doji invites Gingka to join forces with him.

    13. L-Drago Awakens!

    • Gingka battles an old nemesis who uses Gingka's anger to fuel a forbidden bey.

    14. Memories of Ryo

    • Gingka's motivation for defeating Ryuga is revealed through a flashback focusing on his father.

    15. Mysterious Hyoma

    • The gang go after Gingka, who has decided to go home. The journey is perilous, and the group encounter a strange traveler along the way.

    16. The Magnificent Aries

    • Hyoma leads the gang to Gingka, but Kyoya is suspicious of Hyoma's intentions.

    17. The Silver Pegasus

    • Gingka searches for a scroll that could mean more power for Pegasus.

    18. The Green Hades

    • Gingka battles Hyoma---whom he's never been able to defeat---and uses his new power.

    19. Conquer the Tag-Team Battle

    • Benkei and Kenta team up for a tournament after learning to swap parts of their beys, which increases their power.

    20. Begin! The Survival Battle!

    • Gingka and friends enter the Survival Battle contest, in which the winner receives one wish. Meanwhile, Ryuga goes to a remote area and meets a powerful opponent.

    21. Warriors on A Deserted Island

    22. The Fearsome Libra

    23. The Road to the Battle Bladers

    24. The Beautiful Eagle

    25. The Sniper Capricorn