• Air date: 23 Dec '18 50 episodes
      Dan Kouzo and his pals bond with mysterious creatures known as Bakugan while fighting sinister forces out to control the world.
  • List of Episodes (50)
    • 1. Origin of the Species Part 1/Origin of the Species Part 2

      23 Dec '18
      Dan Kouzo meets his partner Bakugan, Drago, and we learn about the 'incident' that happened on Earth twelve years ago.
    • 2. Burger Run/Monkey See Monkey Don't

      23 Dec '18
      Dan lands in a Bakugan duel to stop a threat at a local burger joint. The Awesome Ones deal with a group of admirers using their Bakugan recklessly.
    • 3. Bully for You/Trolling for Laughs

      26 Dec '18
      The Awesome Ones confront a neighborhood bully who claims to be the best Bakugan brawler. Wynton's comedic antics put him and his Bakugan at odds.
    • 4. Local Heroes/Pegatrix

      27 Dec '18
      A Bakugan ban forces the AO to find a new place to battle — until chaos strikes. After being issued a challenge, Lia faces fierce competition.
    • 5. Frenemies/Strata's Fear

      28 Dec '18
      A pair of new brawlers puts their talents to the test for a spot on the AO. Later, the group crosses paths with a hunter when a Bakugan goes missing.
    • 6. Dog Daze/In Focus

      29 Dec '18
      Lightning finds a new Bakugan, sparking a fiery feud between Artulean and Howlkor. A news exposé puts the AO in a vulnerable position.
    • 7. The Exit/The Lost and the Cost

      05 Jan '19
      A rival brawler crew challenges the AO to a risky, winner-take-all battle. To save a park, the group feels pressure to join a Bakugan league for money.
    • 8. Mr. Moon/What's Wrong with Dan

      12 Jan '19
      After meeting Lupitheon, the AO soon find their Bakugan under someone else's control. When Dan starts behaving oddly, Lightning sniffs out a phony.
    • 9. Babysitting Bedlam/Rubbed the Wrong Way

      19 Jan '19
      The Awesome Ones end up in an underground maze where they meet a zealous fan bent on battling them. Lia steps up when pollution plagues a Bakugan field.
    • 10. Mask of Power/Story Holes

      26 Jan '19
      Dan's intense battle against Magnus reveals a Bakugan's evolved form. A cryptic call about a missing Bakugan sends the AO to an eerie location.
    • 11. Home on the Run/Top Slot

      02 Feb '19
      Faced with a life-changing Bakugan battle, Shun fights to stay with the AO. With Dan and Shun at odds about leadership, a new threat arises.
    • 12. Fathers and Friends/Midsummer Nightmare

      09 Feb '19
      Shun receives a visit that yields terrible news — and an unexpected opponent. Drago and the AO Bakugan seem to have a strange vision in their slumber.
    • 13. Dawn Before Dusk

      16 Feb '19
      Looking to expose a cheater, the AO discover they are under surveillance. They later meet Benton Dusk and battle Philomena Dusk's AAAnimus agents.
    • 14. Stratified/Maze Daze

      23 Feb '19
      After learning of a Bakugan prison, the AO head to the labyrinth world of Vestroia, where danger awaits. Then, they work together to find their way out.
    • 15. All Jungled Up/Outer Demons

      02 Mar '19
      Stuck in the maze, the Bakugan must deal with a different version of the AO. After exiting Vestroia, the crew is excited to return home — but have they?
    • 16. Matter of the Mind/Core Cell

      09 Mar '19
      When a dark force takes over the Bakugan, Drago and the AO must use a special energy source to stop it. Tiko later attempts to corrupt a Core Cell.
    • 17. Subterranean Homesick Blues/Honey Struck

      16 Mar '19
      After the AO make it out of the maze, they put their advanced brawling knowledge to the test. Later, they wonder what to do with a bear-like Bakugan.
    • 18. Shun Shine/Ronin Son

      23 Mar '19
      As Shun battles his cousin, the AO attempt to evolve their Bakugan. But first, they must figure out how to tap into the Core Cell — and keep Shun home.
    • 19. Framing Device/Bad Actors

      30 Mar '19
      Always filming the Bakugan, Lia tries to learn how to evolve Pegatrix. Dan attempts to trick the AO as Duran Dane looks to duel with an evolved Bakugan.
    • 20. Tripped Up/Power Tripp

      06 Apr '19
      After locating a hidden Core Cell, Dan and Wynton run into an old enemy. Later, Colonel Tripp controls Wynton's mind and sets off a Bakugan feud.
    • 21. A Real Steal/Lightning Unleashed

      13 Apr '19
      When Dan challenges Magnus and the Brawlers, he gets caught in a volcano eruption. Lightning unearths the Mind Core Cell's location and fights Strata.
    • 22. The Throw Down/Brawl for It All

      20 Apr '19
      After learning of the new Core Cell, the AO find Magnus and his team already protecting it. Dan and Magnus then compete in an epic showdown.
    • 23. Career Opportunities/Punch the Clock

      27 Apr '19
      Frustrated that they can't get close enough to protect the Core Cell, the AO agree to a suspicious job offer from Philomena at AAAnimus headquarters.
    • 24. High Flying Hostiles/Backfire Brawl

      04 May '19
      The AO take to the sky for a tricky brawl when they move the Mind Core Cell by helicopter. Research work gives the crew more than they bargained for.
    • 25. Hostile Take Over/The Big Bounce

      11 May '19
      A mysterious link between the AO and the Core Cell has scary consequences. The truth about Philomena's plan to create a perfect world is exposed.