• Air date: 30 Jul '22 4 episodes
      A group of kids arrives on an island for a summer vacation, only to learn that their resort is haunted by the ghosts of guests who have gone missing over the years. As they uncover the secrets of the island, the mystery puts them all in danger of becoming the next victims of the curse.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. The Tale of Room 13

      30 Jul '22
      After checking into a hotel on a resort island, four best friends get more than they bargained for and encounter genuine terror locked away in one of the rooms.
    • 2. The Tale of the Teen Spirit

      30 Jul '22
      As the kids try to enjoy summer vacation, they are pulled back into the mystery of the island's ghosts, ultimately leading them to a terrifying and shocking revelation.
    • 3. The Tale of the Looking Glass

      06 Aug '22
      After unleashing an evil ghost from the mirror, the kids face a night of terrors in the haunted hotel, where they must uncover the truth.
    • 4. The Tale of the Other Side

      13 Aug '22
      Caught in a battle between the living and the dead, a shattered Midnight Society must harness the power of friendship to piece itself together and restore peace to Ghost Island.