• List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. Bolton Abbey

      07 Sep '08
      The Roadshow team head to the atmospheric ruins of Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire where a rich haul of treasures are brought in by visitors. These include a lambing chair first used 200 years ago by farmers to offer protection against poor weather, a fascinating collection recording the risky life of a First World War aviator, whilst a trinket that's languished unloved for years is recognised to be a magical piece made by Faberge.
    • 2. Althorp

      14 Sep '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team visit Althorp in Northamptonshire, once the home of Princess Diana. Among the items under scrutiny are a valuable writing desk found in a coal shed, a sword that fought in the English Civil War, and an important painting that was found on a tip.
    • 3. Chester

      21 Sep '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team head to Chester Cathedral where they are greeted by 2,000 eager visitors waiting in the nave. Among the treasures under scrutiny are some of the smallest and most valuable pieces of furniture ever to be seen on the show, Elvis memorabilla, and a collection of jewels which were sewn into the hem of a dress and smuggled out of pre-revolution Russia.
    • 4. Chester 2

      28 Sep '08
      A busy day inside Chester Cathedral finds Fiona Bruce and the team of specialists hard at work. Objects examined include a valuable painting which finally sees the light of day after decades spent under a bed, dozens of pairs of intricately carved miniature shoes and a collection of books worth the price of a house.
    • 5. Ascot

      05 Oct '08
      Fiona Bruce introduces a bumper edition with unscreened finds from recent visits to Althorp and Ascot. Among the objects uncovered are an early English tapestry with a five-figure value, a pile of significant modern paintings saved from a skip, and rare documents recording the rescue of members of the Russian royal family aboard a British battleship at the time of the Russian revolution.
    • 6. Lanhydrock

      12 Oct '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team set up for business in the grounds of Lanhydrock, near Bodmin in Cornwall. The experts are kept busy with another series of exciting finds, including a gold bangle set with precious stones that was found at the bottom of a water tank. An early Valentine tells the story of an unrequited love affair, while a valuation on a silver cup brings the house down.
    • 7. Southwell

      19 Oct '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team are in Nottinghamshire meeting the people of Southwell in the magnificent Minster. Objects exciting the experts include a 17th-century love token of a betrothal box which bursts with secret compartments, and a rare haul of silver that has been gathering dust in an attic. Also, the original speaking clock comes out of retirement.
    • 8. Southwell 2

      26 Oct '08
      Fiona Bruce and the experts gather amidst the beautiful interior of Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire. It's a thrilling day for the team as the oldest toy train in the programme's history emerges early on, swiftly followed by a pocket-watch made by Britain's finest watchmaker. But the real show-stopper is a romantic painting with a handsome valuation.
    • 9. Leeds Castle

      02 Nov '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team head for Leeds Castle, near Maidstone in Kent. Objects exciting the experts include a rare painting illustrating the first air raids over London in World War I and a casket reputedly owned by Anne Boleyn, while a collection of 1,000 tie pins is given a startling valuation. Plus, it proves a memorable day for ceramics expert, Henry Sandon.
    • 10. Leeds Castle 2

      09 Nov '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team of experts return to Leeds Castle in Kent. Amongst the treasures uncovered are a cannonball shot at the Battle of Trafalgar and a collection of cigarette cards worth a small fortune. Plus, there's a treat in store for Blue Peter fans.
    • 11. Gateshead

      16 Nov '08
      Fiona Bruce and the experts set up for a busy day at The Sage Gateshead. Objects under scrutiny include a phonograph once owned by Harry Lauder and a tatty tablecloth, claimed by its owner to have been hand illustrated by the artist Francis Bacon. Meanwhile, it takes five men to lift in a piece which is awarded the highest valuation ever seen on the programme.
    • 12. Bodnant

      23 Nov '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team assemble on the lawns of Bodnant Garden in North Wales. Items exciting the experts include an elaborate tea service made for a maharajah and designs for the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while a rare bronze depicting the defeat of Native Americans receives a surprising valuation.
    • 13. Compilation

      30 Nov '08
      Fiona Bruce introduces previously unscreened finds from two recent venues: Lanhydrock in Cornwall and Bodnant Garden in North Wales. Objects uncovered by the experts include a collection of jewellery made for suffragettes, a rare painting rescued from a skip at Sissinghurst, and a fascinating group of photographs recording the Queen's first Christmas broadcast.
    • 14. Oxford

      07 Dec '08
      Fiona Bruce returns to visit Hertford College in Oxford, where she studied as a student. Objects brought before the experts in the quadrangle include a unique record of a Beatles recording session, a Maori carving with a macabre past life, and a Russian painting, which provides a shock valuation for its owner.
    • 15. Oxford 2

      21 Dec '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team visit Dumfries House near Ayr in Scotland. Objects intriguing the experts include an early toy train in remarkable condition, an outstanding example of Chippendale furniture, and a glass vase bought at a boot sale, which hides a stunning valuation. There is also a special interview with HRH The Prince of Wales about his involvement in the rescue mission to save the unique collection at Dumfries House from being broken up.
    • 16. Bridlington

      28 Dec '08
      Fiona Bruce and the team head to the seaside resort of Bridlington for a special edition from the splendid Art Deco jewel of the Spa Royal Hall. Such gracious surroundings make the perfect backdrop to ask the experts to nominate their ideal age of elegance. Was it the flamboyant days of the flapper, the fop or the '50s? Their choices make for some surprising and revealing answers about what makes the team tick. Amidst the excitement there is still plenty of time for some surprising finds from
    • 17. Belfast

      04 Jan '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team set up for business in Belfast. To mark the centenary of construction commencing on the Titanic, the show is recorded in the former drawing offices of Harland and Wolff where the ship was conceived. Amongst the objects under scrutiny are the camera and original images that captivated the world when the Cottingley fairy photos were first seen, a nude dancer with a high price tag and a dressing table originally made for the Titanic.
    • 18. Belfast 2

      11 Jan '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team return for another busy day at the Titanic Drawing Offices in Belfast. Objects uncovered include a medicine chest from early Victorian times, complete with many intact medicines; an historic document marking the end of World War II; and a pair of rare Irish plate buckets worth the price of a new car.
    • 19. Wells

      18 Jan '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team travel to the Bishop's Palace in Wells, Somerset. Among the objects under scrutiny are one of the earliest objects ever seen on the Roadshow, a painting by Rolf Harris's grandfather, and a plate reputedly found in Captain Scott's tent on the ill-fated Antarctic expedition.
    • 20. Wells 2

      25 Jan '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team of experts return to Wells in Somerset, where they welcome visitors with their valuables. Objects under scrutiny include a valuable bracelet once gifted by Queen Victoria and a small seal used by campaigners for the abolition of slavery, and there is a revealing moment for the owners of a rare tapestry.
    • 21. Dundee

      01 Feb '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team of experts are in Dundee. Among the treasures unearthed are a valuable miniature clock smuggled out of Germany in the Second World War, and the world's first copying machine, invented by a Scot in 1780. Plus, an extraordinary letter sent to a conscientious objector comes to light.
    • 22. Dulwich

      08 Feb '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team visit Dulwich Art Gallery in South London. Among the objects brought in by the public to excite the experts are an early and little-known photograph of Winston Churchill, a theatrical costume dating from the early days of pantomime, and one of the most valuable paintings seen on the show in recent years.
    • 23. Dulwich 2

      15 Feb '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team return to Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London to uncover more intriguing heirlooms, including an early illustration by madcap artist Heath Robinson. There is also a mysterious set of rare and valuable miniatures found on a bus, and a book returned after a 50-year loan turns out to be worth a small fortune.
    • 24. Bridlington 2

      29 Mar '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team return to the Spa Royal Hall in Bridlington to value more items brought along by members of the public. Among the objects intriguing the experts are artefacts of HMS Falcon excavated from the sea bed, and a set of rare buttons commemorating the Battle of Quebec in 1759. There is also a first-hand account of life as a Japanese prisoner of war.
    • 25. Oxburgh Hall

      05 Apr '09
      Fiona Bruce and the team head to Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk. Despite the wet weather, there are plenty of exciting finds, including a 300-year-old treasure box stuffed with surprises, precious family objects honouring the men of the Pathfinder squadron in the Second World War, and a set of discarded posters which bring the house down with a staggering valuation.