• List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. Victoria & Albert Museum

      01 Oct '00
      Michael Aspel presents his first Antiques Roadshow from the magnificent surroundings of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Accompanied by the familiar team of experts, they uncover a treasure trove of unusual objects including an original hand-written poem by W B Yeats, examples of Meissen from the earliest days of European porcelain manufacture, and a rare silver tobacco box rescued from a London dustbin. Plus there is a valuable painting by the leading candlelight painter of the 19th
    • 2. Barnstaple

      08 Oct '00
      A visit to Barnstaple in North Devon turns up an important enamel miniature by Henry Bone, a valuable collection of walking sticks, a World War I pilot's watch once worn by TE Lawrence, a valuable painting from the Newlyn School, and a native Canadian 'octopus bag' from the 19th century. Host Michael Aspel finds his own modern collectable - an autographed fan picture of himself taken over 40 years ago.
    • 3. Biddulph

      15 Oct '00
      Michael Aspel and a team of experts examine curios and artefacts offered up by the public. This episode was filmed in the Valley Leisure Centre in Biddulph, Staffordshire, and features a rare 18th-century Wedgwood egg scrambler, a genuine Constable sketch, a fine English repeater watch, a remarkable collection of ship's documents giving details of the auctioning of slaves and a handkerchief that Queen Victoria gave to the lady who strung her pearls.
    • 4. Glamis Castle

      22 Oct '00
      Michael Aspel and a team of experts examine curios and artefacts offered up by the public. This time, the venue is Glamis Castle in Angus, Scotland, childhood home of the Queen Mother, where Macbeth is said to have killed Duncan. Michael Aspel and the experts find a posy ring with a macabre story, a dining table whose original purpose was for resting a coffin on, diamond jewellery which survived not only fire but a torpedo, a pair of 18th-century miniatures with musical connections and the
    • 5. Glamis Castle 2

      29 Oct '00
      A special edition in which Michael Aspel introduces sequences from previous roadshows and recounts stories of the Queen Mother's early life at Glamis Castle. Featuring ivory figures collected by a man nicknamed 'Steptoe' by his family, a pair of valuable Chinese imperial bowls once used as plant pots, a necklace of very ancient stones, and a collection of handbag mirrors.
    • 6. Selby

      05 Nov '00
      Items of interest in this edition include a picture embroidered with sock-darning wool in memory of gallant Captain Oates by a private in his regiment, a copy of Beatrix Potter's book The Fairy Caravan dedicated to Fred Satterthwaite, who was portrayed in it as his dog Metal, two rare cornets from local bands and a splendid collection of Masonic porcelain worth over a quarter of a million. Michael Aspel and the experts visit Selby in North Yorkshire.
    • 7. Wisbech

      12 Nov '00
      A valuable vase covered in paint and bought for £1 at a car boot sale, a Martinware bird which cost two shillings at a fete and a rare hair ring bought in at auction, because 'nobody else was interested and I bid £1 and got it' - three great bargains turn up when Michael Aspel and the experts visit Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. There's also an impressive collection of royal invitations, letters, sketches and items from eminent Victorians put together by the librarian at Windsor Castle in the
    • 8. Blackpool

      19 Nov '00
      It is a good day out when Michael Aspel takes the experts to Blackpool to dig up seaside treasures. There is a programme for the 1936 cup tie between Blackpool and Bolton signed by the players, including Stanley Matthews, a very rare salt-glazed mug made for a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie and an unusual medal awarded for selling Hoovers in the 1930s. And Michael Aspel discovers the predecessor of his big red book.
    • 9. Newport

      26 Nov '00
      A teapot that holds 144 cups of tea, a gruesome 18th-century mourning ring, a rare Hungarian vase, a painting of Britannia too large to fit in the house and the 'nicest netsuke seen on the roadshow'; these are some of the discoveries when Michael Aspel takes the experts to Newport in Gwent. Plus, Michael is shown a home-made device used for clearing incendiaries in WWII.
    • 10. Knebworth House

      03 Dec '00
      The items featured in this edition include a diamond brooch which almost went to a car boot sale for £1, a marine chronometer left to the owner by a drinking pal, a bronze Spirit of Ecstasy which, if genuine, could be worth £10,000, and a satsuma pot which David Battie says, 'is as good a piece as I've ever seen on the Roadshow.' Michael Aspel and the experts gather for an al fresco day in the gardens of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire.
    • 11. Knebworth House 2

      10 Dec '00
      A pair of revealing female figures originally displayed in a French brothel, an unusual table clock with a floating turtle which tells the time, a chemist's mortar dating from 1573 and a Victorian toilet given as a present. From Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, Michael Aspel introduces unseen finds from previous Roadshows in the series and talks to expert Clive Farahar about Knebworth's colourful former incumbent Edward Bulwer Lytton, Victorian playwright and philanderer, whose turbulent
    • 12. University of Birmingham

      17 Dec '00
      Michael Aspel and the experts visit Birmingham and find a Victorian painting which was damaged in the blitz, a telescope given for saving the lives of nine castaways, an early 19th-century wooden ark filled with 89 animals, and a small pottery Turk's head which turns out to be the most valuable piece of English pottery ever found at a Roadshow.
    • 13. The Next Generation

      01 Jan '01
    • 14. Series 23, Cliveden

      07 Jan '01
    • 15. Series 23, Cliveden 2

      14 Jan '01
    • 16. Series 23, Lochgilphead

      21 Jan '01
    • 17. Series 23, Salford

      28 Jan '01
    • 18. Series 23, Eastnor Castle

      04 Feb '01
    • 19. Eastnor Castle Special

      11 Feb '01
    • 20. Eston

      18 Feb '01
      Michael Aspel and a team of experts examine curios and artefacts offered up by the public in Eston, Cleveland. Exciting finds include a sculpted elephant by Eduardo Paolozzi used to promote floor covering; a Victorian painting bought for five shillings while sheltering from the rain; the first commercially produced toy robot made in the 1930s; a collection of craft jewellery found in an old envelope at the end of a jumble sale; and a fibre-glass chair which Paul Atterbury says is 'an antique
    • 21. Melksham

      25 Feb '01
    • 22. Caernarfon

      04 Mar '01
      Michael Aspel presents the show in which experts examine antiques. A stunning lantern clock made in the early 17th century, a set of chairs worth a great deal more than their original price of one guinea each, a jade necklace with a Chinese influence, and a 200-year-old bleeding bowl bought for 25p with a value which leaves its owner speechless. A rich and varied collection when Michael and the experts visit Caernarfon in North Wales.
    • 23. Rugby

      11 Mar '01
    • 24. V&A Museum

      18 Mar '01
    • 25. Forde Abbey

      25 Mar '01