American Pickers : Season 6

    • Air date: 09 Apr '12 10 episodes
      Have you been building up a collection of Americana over the past 50 years or so? If so, then Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may pay you a visit one day. The Midwestern pickers travel across America in search of rare artifacts and national treasures that they can buy from the collectors they visit and then sell in their antiques shops or, in some cases, put in their personal collections. They often have to dig through boxes or piles filled with items that have accumulated over the years, which are
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Boys' Toys

    • A Tennessee hoarder tries to clear out his log cabin home; Mike sets his sights on a horse; a robot collector's sci-fi man cave yields a mint-condition astronaut toy; Mike and Frank get VIP access to Billy's ten storage buildings.

    2. The Return of Hobo Jack

    • The guys make a return visit to Hobo Jack's forest sanctuary; the guys scour a mammoth warehouse in Chicago; Danielle lines up an appraiser for a one-of-a-kind art cat; Mike and Frank stumble on a former Dairy Queen turned pickers' paradise.

    3. Mike's Holy Grail

    • The guys get a vague lead on the holy grail of motorbikes; Mike puts pressure on Danielle to track down a XAVW; Betty's sprawling warehouses; Dale's awesome junkyard and a noble cause.

    4. Feudin' Pickers

    • The guys find an old general store that had a lot of Hatfield customers; Eddie's Georgia garage; Jeff picker playground overflowing with awesome stuff that he says he's ready to sell.

    5. Duck, Duck Moose

    • Dick's North Carolina warehouse; Frank steps in to save a deal on a rare children's ride; Mike discovers unique brass-era car parts; Charlie's Mooseville features folk-art, rock bottom prices and a surprising hidden gem.

    6. Driving Miss Dani

    • Gene's oversized collection of steam engines; an estate sale junkie who is ready to downsize; the guys scour a 500,000-square-foot warehouse to uncover some sideshow relics.

    7. Mama Knows Best

    • The guys stumble on an out-of-the-way property where an atomic-era spaceship clock catches Mike's eye; Junk Man Bob's huge collection.

    8. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

    • A former Georgia boxer fights to keep a lifetime of stockpiled stuff; the guys visit a VW graveyard; the guys gain access to Tommy's Fort Knox of junk.

    9. You Betcha

    • The guys pick Kentucky's Pioneer Playhouse; a mysterious wooden box captures Mike's attention; a man reveals his most valuable items are buried underground; a random stop at a South Carolina service station pays off with a rare oil sign.

    10. Backroad Samurai

    • A man moves his collection to a motel in North Carolina; Frank gambles on a pricey samurai artifact; an old Harley-Davidson dealership, Gerald's one-man town.