American Pickers : Season 5

    • Air date: 28 Nov '11 13 episodes
      Have you been building up a collection of Americana over the past 50 years or so? If so, then Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may pay you a visit one day. The Midwestern pickers travel across America in search of rare artifacts and national treasures that they can buy from the collectors they visit and then sell in their antiques shops or, in some cases, put in their personal collections. They often have to dig through boxes or piles filled with items that have accumulated over the years, which are
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Jurassic Pick

    • Mike and Frank find a 65-million year-old dinosaur bone; a 60s Bella German scooter; an antique audio recording device made from piano wire.

    2. Not So Cheap Thrills

    • Terry's staggering scrap yard; coin-op kings Gary and John; Frank takes a gamble on some old school peep show machines; Steve and Tom open up their massive collection of toy cars and trucks; Danielle gets an appraisal on the peep show item.

    3. Pickin' Perry-Dise

    • The guys pick an Appalachian village museum; Danielle is unimpressed with the pool candidates she's met to manage the new store; a father and son duo open the doors to their staggering collection.

    4. The Mad Catter

    • Mike and Frank find themselves waist-deep in a treasure-packed machine shop; Mike makes a high-stakes gamble; the guys run across a quirky artist with a sprawling Virginia property; the guys scour a defunct Maryland oil company.

    5. Fast Eddie

    • Mike and Frank pick the back roads of Minnesota; Danielle is challenged to sell a fiberglass cowboy boot; Fast Eddie has tons of unusual oversize treasures; a treasure-packed farmyard estate sale; Mike discovers a honey hole of rare bicycles.

    6. What Happens in Sturgis...

    • Mike hits the back roads of South Dakota; Frank takes off for the Sturgis motorcycle rally; Danielle's hunch to stop at an 1880s ghost town pays off; Danielle lays down serious coin on a hot Disney heroine.

    7. The Elephant in the Room

    • The guys visit a Maine taxidermist where Mike gambles big money on a huge elephant head; Danielle's search for a pachyderm-loving buyer leads to a wheelin' and dealin' rock'n'roll legend; George's Maine marine features great prices.

    8. Picker Man Blues

    • Tricky Dick's Tennessee yard; Mike goes hog-wild for a vintage pig ride; Mike and Frank visit a sprawling small-town museum.

    9. Frank's Dog Days

    • Mike gets lucky while freestyling in Virginia with Danielle; a cold call pays off with a pink jukebox; Doug's honey hole of petroliana; Henry's trailers packed with unusual collectibles; Danielle proves she's got a picker's eye.

    10. Odd Fellas

    • Frank goes wild in Joe's garage; Frank gets ready to go to his high school reunion and show off his restored Plymouth; Mike and Danielle visit a Virginia property that turns out to be a mega-pick.

    11. When Horses Fly

    • Jim's spectacular man cave; the guys take a chance at an old airport turned auto body shop; a jaw-dropping collection of vintage pedal cars.

    12. Knuckleheads

    • A sprawling warehouse and overstuffed semi trailers on Kevin's New England property; a former racecar driver with an amazing collection of automotive artifacts; a sprawling Harley Davidson honey hole.

    13. The Belly Dance

    • Dale gets seriously cranked up over Mike's one-of-a-kind belly tank racer; Tommy's treasure-packed barn yields some incredible railroad relics; Frank steps in to save the day for Mike; Bruce's jam-packed property.