• Air date: 18 Nov '81 50 episodes
      A Country Practice was an Australian television drama series. At its inception, one of the longest-running of its kind, produced by James Davern of JNP Productions, who had wrote the pilot episode and entered a script contest for the network in 1979, coming third and winning a merit award. It ran on the Seven Network for 1,058 episodes from 18 November 1981 to 22 November 1993. It was produced in ATN-7's production facility at Epping, Sydney. After its lengthy run on the seven network it was picked up by network ten with a mainly new cast from April to November 1994 for 30 episodes, although the ten series was not as successful as its predecessor . The Channel Seven series was also filmed on location in Pitt Town, while, the Channel Ten series was filmed on location in Emerald, Victoria.
  • List of Episodes (50)
    • 1. In General Practice (1)

      18 Nov '81
      A pregnant woman from out of town admits herself to Wandin Valley Hospital with signs of foetal distress. Despite his reluctance, Terence is forced to operate when another doctor is unable to reach the town in time. Delivering a baby girl, the hospital staff are surprised by Mrs Myers' disinterest and apathy toward her daughter, whom she says is ""not mine"". Meanwhile, Simon has to refuse local girl Jenny Secombe's request for the birth control pill. At fifteen, Jenny needs parental consent to
    • 2. In General Practice (2)

      19 Nov '81
    • 3. Town Tragedy (1)

      25 Nov '81
      Ladies' Auxiliary President and part-time hospital administrator Elaine MacKay is killed in a car accident at the Five Mile Bridge. As the town grapples with the loss, speculation begins as to why Elaine was in a car with her husband's friend—Ian Sutton—heading out of town. Molly and Brendan Jones arrive in town.
    • 4. Town Tragedy (2)

      26 Nov '81
      Frank awaits Peter Gleeson's blood results to see if he was driving under the influence of alcohol when the accident that killed Elaine MacKay occured. Gossip begins to circulate in town that Ian and Eliane were having an affair. Andy, increasingly speculative as to why Elaine was traveling in Ian's car (which was heading to Sydney), goes to see Ian in the hospital. Molly adjusts to nights alone on the farm.
    • 5. The Itinerants (1)

      02 Dec '81
      Tension is high between some members of the community and the seasonal fruit pickers, who are in town for the orange harvest. While making a house call at the Cameron farm, Terence spots one of the picker's children, Lexy Popovich. At first thinking that the child has malnutrition (because of his swollen stomach), Terence comes to the conclusion that the child has a hydatic cyst. After much convincing, Lexy's mother Sandra allows Terence to operate. The operation is a success. However, Sandraâ
    • 6. The Itinerants (2)

      03 Dec '81
    • 7. They Shoot Cows? (1)

      09 Dec '81
      Simon meets former nurse Emily Page, who knew his grandfather Charlie. Befriending Emily—who is beginning to feel the effects of crippling arthritis—he is shocked to learn that she plans to commit suicide when she feels the illness has progressed to such a point that living would constitute a burden to those around her. Terence persuades Pat Turner to admit her belligerent father Artie to the hospital so that she can have a long-overdue vacation. While at the hospital, Artie
    • 8. They Shoot Cows? (2)

      10 Dec '81
    • 9. Coming Home (1)

      16 Dec '81
    • 10. Coming Home (2)

      17 Dec '81
    • 11. Secrets (1)

      23 Dec '81
    • 12. Secrets (2)

      24 Dec '81
    • 13. Alternatives (1)

      30 Dec '81
    • 14. Alternatives (2)

      31 Dec '81
    • 15. Golden Fleece (1)

      05 Jan '82
    • 16. Golden Fleece (2)

      06 Jan '82
    • 17. Teamwork (1)

      12 Jan '82
    • 18. Teamwork (2)

      13 Jan '82
      The team at the hospital - with the help of Shirley, Frank, Vicky, and Robert Bowen - work together to treat the passengers of the bus accident. Molly confronts the bank manager about her loan. After burning his hands at the accident scene, Frank moves in with Shirley and Vicky so that Shirley can take care of him. Robert expresses some reserved praise for Simon.
    • 19. Suffer Children (1)

      19 Jan '82
      Vicky secures a high-profile job treating a Yarraman colt trained by Neil Stephens, but worries that Stephens is excessively pushing his reluctant daughter Robin into constant showjumping training. Meanwhile, Terence becomes concerned about Neil's wife Jill, who requests that Terence sterilize her. Simon suspects that a young girl is being physically abused by her father. Molly decides to go into business breeding turkeys. Marta spends an evening at Terence's vineyard with Alex
    • 20. Suffer Children (2)

      20 Jan '82
      After Robin is admitted to hospital as the result of her horse-riding accident, Simon searches for the truth about the previous injuries - which were treated by Terence - that become apparent on her X-rays. Molly decides to start business as a yabbi farmer. Marta's friendship with Alex continues to deepen, with Alex gifting her with a wood-carving of The General. Shirley's attempts to get Frank to move back into his own house with a farewell dinner backfire.
    • 21. Mates (1)

      26 Jan '82
    • 22. Mates (2)

      27 Jan '82
    • 23. Agrophobic Sons & Other Lovers (1)

      02 Feb '82
      Terence comes to the aid of a woman suffering from agoraphobia. Molly assists at the veterinary practice when Vicky falls ill, while Simon uses this as an opportunity to get closer to her. A three-year-old child is treated by the team after falling off a moving plough. Shirley continues to replace her craving for cigarettes with food. Marta learns that the Hospital Workers' Union has advised workers to strike for a pay rise, leaving only the medical staff to run the hospital.
    • 24. Agrophobic Sons & Other Lovers (2)

      03 Feb '82
      Shirley, Molly, and Vicky assist at the hospital during the strike. Simon performs his first operation in the valley on Kathy Pieri. However, what is at first thought to be an appendicitis turns out to be something quite different. Terence worries that problems at home may be the cause of Brett Morgan's anxiety and inability to study or sleep. Vicky becomes upset when Terence refers to his wife in Sydney.
    • 25. I Know Where She's Gone (1)

      09 Feb '82