• Air date: 29 Sep '19 48 episodes
      America's popular television News magazine in which an ever changing team of CBS News correspondents contribute segments ranging from hard news coverage to politics to lifestyle and pop culture.
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    • 1. The Impeachment Inquiry, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Great White

      29 Sep '19
      Norah O’Donnell interviews Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman for his first appearance on American television to discuss the murder of the Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi. It is also his first interview since his kingdom’s oil facilities were bombed. Next, Scott Pelley has been in the nation’s capital all week observing the raging impeachment inquiry into the presidency of Donald Trump, gathering the facts and people to tell this fascinating story, including House
    • 2. The Impeachment Debate, The Ranger and the Serial Killer, The Farmer’s Advocate

      06 Oct '19
      An update on the Trump impeachment inquiry: Members of Congress weigh in; Then, how a Texas Ranger convinced serial killer Samuel Little to confess to murdering 93 people; And, Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford and the changing landscape of America’s farms
    • 3. Hong Kong, Nadia, Psychedelic Science

      13 Oct '19
      “60 Minutes” is on the streets of Hong Kong with pro-democracy demonstrators; then, Nobel laureate Nadia Murad's fight to bring ISIS to court; and, researchers experimenting with psychedelics to treat addiction, depression and anxiety
    • 4. Tree of Life, Madame Lagarde, The Columbus Letters

      20 Oct '19
      Recovering from the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history; Then, Christine Lagarde tells John Dickerson about the possible signs of a global recession; And, rare, million-dollar copies of a letter written by Christopher Columbus replaced with fakes
    • 5. Joe Biden, The Emerald Triangle, Giant Panda

      27 Oct '19
      Joe Biden defends his son Hunter’s Ukraine dealings, answers for his gaffes; Then, how red tape and black market weed are buzzkills for California’s legal marijuana industry; And, saving the giant panda from extinction.
    • 6. Maria Butina, The Battle of Brexit, The Wright Way

      03 Nov '19
      Maria Butina, a woman arrested for conspiracy to act as a foreign agent of the Russian state; Brexit, the United Kingdom's referendum to leave the EU; the best saddle bronc rodeo riders in the world.
    • 7. Jamie Dimon, Dimon in Detroit, Targeting the Truth

      10 Nov '19
      Jamie Dimon, head of America's biggest bank, on politics, his company’s role in the 2008 financial crisis, and his paycheck; Then, a mega-bank's data-driven investment in Detroit; And, Maria Ressa: Reporting in the Philippines
    • 8. Red Flag, Into The Deep, The Youngest Refugees

      17 Nov '19
      A standoff over Red Flag gun laws; Then, why is the U.S. on the sidelines in the race for a trove of metals sitting on ocean floor; And, Sesame and the IRC Join Forces to Help Syrian Refugee Children
    • 9. The Russian Hack, Tania’s Story, Mind Reading

      24 Nov '19
      Members from two Russian military intelligence units have been indicted for hacking into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's computers. The Salvadoran woman who was the wife and mother of the drowned migrant father and daughter whose image in death captivated the world and framed the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Lesley Stahl reports on the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging and computer analysis to decode the physical makeup of our thoughts.
    • 10. YouTube, Unsheltered, Built by Angels

      01 Dec '19
      YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki; how Seattle deals with its homeless crisis; the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas vigil
    • 11. Genetic Information Age; City On A Hill; The Sandman

      08 Dec '19
      The day when humans will no longer be prone to viruses or genetic diseases is coming. A Palestinian businessman is building a city in the West Bank of Israel that he hopes will be the beginning of a future Palestinian state. His career took off after he left Saturday Night Live, when the comedian/actor began making films that made billions at the box office. Sharyn Alfonsi profiles Adam Sandler for his next movie.
    • 12. A Central Ally, The Lost Music

      15 Dec '19
      El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele on the problems facing his country; Then, uncovering the lost music written by prisoners in concentration camps during the Holocaust
    • 13. Mark Bradford, The Pavarotti of Pasta, Built by Angels

      22 Dec '19
      Anderson Cooper profiles artist Mark Bradford, who tackles complex social and political issues through abstract works; Then, 60 Minutes travels to Italy to meet Chef Massimo Bottura, whose kitchen creations are works of art; And, inside Lalibela, the mysterious holy site visited by 200,000 Ethiopian Christians on their annual pilgrimage.
    • 14. Genetic Revolution, Psychedelic Science, A Radical Solution

      29 Dec '19
      An NIH clinical trial is ushering in a genetic revolution as an innovative type of gene therapy is used to attempt to cure sickle cell anemia; Then, Anderson Cooper reports on how psychedelics could help people with addiction and anxiety; And, one of the top medical schools in the United States goes tuition-free
    • 15. Jeffrey Epstein, Antibiotics On The Farm, Shakira

      05 Jan '20
      Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? 60 Minutes investigates; Then, is lack of oversight at farms accelerating the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?; And, the message Shakira hopes to deliver with her Super Bowl performance.
    • 16. Venice is Drowning, Joaquin Phoenix, Rafa Venice is Drowning, Joaquin Phoenix, Rafa

      12 Jan '20
      Venice is facing an uncertain future as it deals with increasingly higher tides blamed on climate change. Anderson Cooper profiles the Oscar-nominated actor from the controversial film Joker" and gets a rare interview with his family. The world's # 1 tennis player, Rafael Nadal, takes Jon Wertheim back to his hometown on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca.
    • 17. 60 Minutes Presents: Whitaker’s Wildlife Tour

      19 Jan '20
      Great Whites: Great white sharks are coming nearer U.S. beaches, but does it mean attacks on people will increase? Bill Whitaker reports, Rome Hartman produces. The Wolves of Yellowstone: The once familiar howl of the wolf in the American West has returned to Yellowstone Park and its environs thanks to a careful re-introduction of the animal by the U.S. Park Service, but the number of wolves venturing into the states surrounding Yellowstone Park has some ranchers and hunters worried. Bill
    • 18. Frontotemporal Dementia/Pleistocene Park/John Green

      02 Feb '20
      "Frontotemporal Dementia" rebroadcasts a look at the little-known but devastating disease that robs people of their personalities. "Pleistocene Park" rebroadcasts a look at a project in Siberia that is attempting to recreate an Ice Age ecosystem. "John Green" rebroadcasts an interview with the popular young adult author about mental illness.
    • 19. 60 Minutes Presents: Great Adventures

      09 Feb '20
      "Ultra Deep" rebroadcasts a look at how scientists in South Africa are looking for living organisms deep within the earth. "Fly Like an Eagle" rebroadcasts a profile of falconer Lauren McGough who has mastered the ancient skill of hunting with eagles. "Easter Island" rebroadcasts a segment on the isolated island in the South Pacific where the famous stone statues are fading away under the elements.
    • 20. A Continent on Fire/The Server/West Side Story

      16 Feb '20
      "A Continent on Fire" looks at the massive, deadly bush fire that is threatening wildlife and people in Australia. "The Server" examines the corruption investigation into Ukraine. "West Side Story" goes behind the scenes at a modernized version of this classic of American musical theater play.
    • 21. Bernie Sanders | 298 Counts of Murder | Vision of Music

      23 Feb '20
      Bernie Sanders – Anderson Cooper profiles the self-described democratic socialist senator from Vermont, who currently leads the polls for the Democratic presidential nomination. 298 Counts of Murder – Six years ago, a missile brought down Malaysia Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 on board. Next month, four men, three of them Russian, go on trial in a Dutch courtroom. Scott Pelley investigates the evidence and speaks to victims' relatives and prosecutors. Vision of Music –
    • 22. Michael Bloomberg | The Trial of a Navy SEAL | Array of Hope

      01 Mar '20
      Michael Bloomberg – The billionaire presidential candidate takes questions about his campaign and his past, which rivals have used against him. Scott Pelley speaks to Michael Bloomberg days before the critical Super Tuesday primaries. The Trial of a Navy SEAL – The Navy SEAL acquitted of murder in the case that became a cause celebre when President Trump intervened on his behalf talks about the events that led to his charges for the first time. David Martin reports. Array of Hope – The
    • 23. COVID-19, Fiona Hill, Elfstedentocht

      08 Mar '20
      How U.S. health officials and hospitals are handling the COVID-19 coronavirus; Then, Fiona Hill warns about Russian political meddling; And, the outdoor skating race that brings the Netherlands to a standstill
    • 24. On the Frontline, Children of Flint, Kings of the Road

      15 Mar '20
      Life inside an American coronavirus containment zone; Then, early results from 174 Flint children exposed to lead during water crisis shows 80% of them will require special education services; And, driverless trucks could disrupt the trucking industry as soon as 2021
    • 25. Stopping the Virus, The Economic Emergency, A Populist Movement

      22 Mar '20
      Scientists rush to develop a novel coronavirus vaccine; Then, Fed official uncertain how economy will fare during the coronavirus crisis; And, why Hungary is paying its citizens to start families